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  1. https://www.iau.org/public/themes/discoveries/ IAU (edit; beaten to it...)
  2. Darker version is my preference. Though I always view astro images in subdued lighting. Nice images! Paul.
  3. ...and he disappears down the rabbit hole Good luck! Gradients, vignetting and lens distortions to look forward to. Nevermind clouds, contrails... ...I've parked that project for a while (or is that given up!). A very good idea to do some trial runs! A great challenge! Cheers Paul
  4. I would like to thank Orion for a great leading role... ...and SGL for running these challenges. Well done! Paul Edit - oooh, appears in my .sig.
  5. Are they both running the same version of the app? DSS version 3.3.4. is the latest available.
  6. I do have that dilemma myself...too deep/much in a widefield image! I use these in presentations to convey the message that there is sooo much out there in the apparently empty night sky. Cheers Paul
  7. It does, thank you! Used the Canon DPP s/w. That helps, thanks. RAWs are giving a nice outcome from the stacking using the converted files or direct. Have taken some more subs on the Auriga/Gemini area. Made sure that focus was definitely *not* on the red side but the clip filter does seem to encourage red halos. Also have a band near one long edge that I've been cropping. Cheers Paul
  8. Nope. It is not modified. Will check DSS when am back at laptop. Thank you Paul
  9. Interesting colour balance...this is from the jpg stack. Still working out what to do with the RAW subs! DSS, Lightroom/PS CS2. This is from 14 x 100s at f2, ISO800, Canon 7D MkII, Sigma 24mm, AstroTrac. Plenty of stuff up there! Cheers, Paul.
  10. http://www.astronomik.com/en/clip-filter/clip-filter-canon-aps-c.html?___store=en Lists a range of clip filters at the bottom of the page... Paul
  11. If you can trawl through this extensive library... http://www.clarkvision.com/articles/nightscapes/ ...there lies within free software downloads and a method of stretching images that retain the star colour. I have used it, and it does work. Paul
  12. On that note. If you are carrying in water...take a light tripod and hang the water underneath for stability..?
  13. Time lapse. Canon 7D MkII, Samyang 16 at f2.8, 6s, iso1600. Early December and early February. We have had a fair bit of snow this year up in Swaledale. The first segment was imaged for a star party due to feature on a More4 TV series - The Yorkshire Dales and Lakes, due for broadcast this summer. Cheers, Paul.
  14. Definitely way harder than Barnard's Loop and the California Nebula from UK latitudes, and probably anywhere else for that mtter
  15. I find that the tripod weight is a significant variable. I've a light and very portable tripod that is OK if there is no wind. Otherwise it is the 'heavy' one. My last 3 time lapse outings involved snow chains on steep icy & snowy roads, then a 15 mins slog uphill and through snow. Heavy-duty tripod, backpack and camera bag. Definitely need spare camera battery and a flask and food... ...good luck! Paul. P.S. If I plan on using a Slider or doing tracked AP it is usually in the back garden or right by my parked car.
  16. Great catch. A sign of a really good sky (and observer). Doable in binoculars doesn't mean that it is 'easy', more best with a larger FOV. I have observed this using a 92mm f5.5 TMBand Nagler 31mm combo About 5 degrees FOV and x16 magnification. Only once from the UK. Otherwise at altitude on the Canary Islands. Cheers Paul
  17. Cheers Dave. Maybe the lack of light pollution? I also process to minimise the colour that the camera records to make it more 'as seen'.
  18. Thank you Nigel. Over 1270! I try not to think about the shutter count... ...cheers, Paul.
  19. Saturday 20th Jan, evening. -7C, powder snow and howling wolves... ...turn the volume UP to 11! Vimeo does compromise the resolution. Canon 7D MkII, Samyang 16mm f2. 2, 4 & 6s exposures. Processed in Lightroom and VSDC Video Editor. Cheers, Paul.
  20. Hi Dave Yes, a single exposure. I was all set up to 'go deep' with loads of subs but the clouds didn't clear... ...cheers, Paul.
  21. Canon 7D MkII 60s Sigma 24mm @ f1.4, iso800 on AstroTrac. Cropped and minimal stretch in PS CS2. Cheers, Paul.
  22. The lens will have very poor performance at the edge of field compared to the scope. If you want sharp well illuminated FOVs put the 6D on the Star 71, then manage what you have left to deal with... ...cheers, Paul.
  23. Yes. I don't have the software to do seemless twilight transition. So, I tried to make a 'virtue' out of the exposure changes... ...2, 4 and 6 sec increasing. Though the final increase was offset a bit in post-processing in Lightroom. Paul
  24. Hi, there is 1s between each frame. Playback 29.nn fps. Paul
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