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Found 6 results

  1. Hi Guys, Wim has wisely persuaded me to go for an eqdir cable from my RPi to my SynScan controller. I currently have a usb:db9 + db9:st4 setup to the SynScan handset (ie 3 cables connected). Can I just change the db9 to st4 to a db9:Rj45 or similar? Eg: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/201608325158 Plus an old ethernet cable? Ie does the pinout of an ethernet cable correspond to the pinout of the SynScan controller handset socket? Regards Steve.
  2. Hi I'd like to make my own FTDI EQDIR USB Adapter for my new(to me) AZ GTi mount... Does anyone know what the pinouts for the rj12 connector are? The 8-pin RJ45 connections are well documented, but I can't find a 6-pin RJ12 wiring diagram... Lynx astro do make one, so I know it is possible ? Thanks Ady
  3. Hi, Bit of a strange one. I have a NEQ6 which I control with EQASOM for imaging using SGP and PHD2 for guiding and have recently replaced the HC connection to the pc with an Lynx Astro FTDI EQdir cable. First time I used it it worked perfectly, it connected straight away, the guiding was good and SGP found the target without any issues. But I tried it again last night and whilst SGP worked perfectly, plate solved the image and moved directly to the target, PHD2 wouldn't connect to the scope. I selected the correct ASCOM mount from phd2 dropdown list but the EQASCOM connected briefly then disconnected with a display saying that it had failed to find the correct port. I tried adjusting the settings next to the mount selection tab and ensured it had pulse guiding selected but still no joy. As a result the phd2 software is not sending guide commands to the mount. The funny thing is that PHD2 will connect to EQASCOM if done so before SGP is connected but then the subsequent connection to SGP fails. But with PHD2 connected on its own its still not sending signals to the mount. Is this a faulty cable or is it a EQDIR driver problem or even an issue with PHD2 or EQASCOM? Any help would be appreciated as I am a loss as to how to rectify the situation. Thanks Dec
  4. In the category of medium nuisance, but have had some issues with EQMOD losing its communication to the mount on several occasions and wondered if this is expected or if I have a particular issue. I'm using and HEQ5 Pro mount wired directly to a HitechAstro EQDIR. Having three USB Ports on my laptop the EQDIR share a single USB controller/port with the game pad sensor, my other two ports are connected directly to image and guide cams. All cables and connections look good (checked with multimeter for continuity/resistance), are routed away from power, connectors are taped up and I've been careful not to disturb them. I'm running Ascom 6 SP2 on a windows 7 x64 laptop, with both cams and the mount under Ascom control. The setup works fine 80% of the time, but sometimes it seems to lock on target and won't take any further instruction to change position or slew to another target. The mount continues to track the current target, but it does not respond to movement commands via CdC, game pad or directly on the EQascom controller window - though EQascom does seem to be updating (DEC coordinates) and I can still change the slew speed with game pad or directly. Pretty sure the EQMod, Ascom and CdC are playing nicely on my lappie and there does not seem to be any app actually hanging or producing an error - so had been thinking the EQDir might be suspect, though the fact the mount was still tracking got me a little confused. If comms were lost would the mount continue to track with no further input? Or perhaps the serial cable/connections are a little dubious on the EQDir - HEQ5 TX pair. If it's not a common problem, then EQDir or the serial cable/connectors seem most probable - though any suggestions considered before I hard wire everything in to place with the new pier!
  5. For a long time now I have been using the Prolific driver installer v10518 from the HitecAstro site on my windows 7 computer. Recently I have been getting a lot of overnight crashes and lost a lot of imaging time. An analysis of last night's crash pointed to the Prolific driver. MS today offered me a new driver V3.6.81.357 to replace v3.3.5.122. First signs are that it works... well I can move the mount. My question to the group is in 2 parts:- 1) Is this new driver reliable? 2) Is this now the time to find a new more reliable EQDIR interface and if so what recommendations can you offer. TIA Andy
  6. Hi all This is a pretty general question about cables and the like and I've posted it here in the imaging section as I think we're the people who end up with these problems! Sadly I haven't been out much over the summer and only starting again for the winter sessions (just as the weather turns rubbish you say? lol) but I've added a few things to the set up which I'm now only starting to use in anger and have caused a few issues. Anyway to cut the back story short I have a laptop (2 USB ports, 1xUSB2.0, 1xUSB3.0, Windows 8, etc) that runs the setup. The mount is an NEQ6, DSLR and Lodestar is still being used to guide. Traditionally I only ran the imaging aspects from the laptop and used the Synscan handset and ST4 port to run the mount and guide. At SGL 9 this year Gav (and a few others) rightly convinced me to use the lappy for everything. As such I bought a HITEC Astro EQDIR cable which - after taking a long while to get working - is great and alongside Cartes du Ciel, APT, etc works an absolute treat. So here is the problem. I've only recently managed to get back outside and on the occasions I've used the setup, CdC has crashed (it looses connection, I'm guessing through lack of bandwidth) which of course kills the guiding and everything else. I don't think (or can't find) that the EQDIR cable is USB3.0 only but it only seems to work directly in the USB3.0 port on the laptop. Oddly it seems to work fine in the USB2.0 hub (this one in fact) but again, only when plugged into the USB3.0 port (weirdness). It crashes when I have the lodestar and DSLR (Canon) plugged in too (just the lodestar and its fine, plug in the DSLR and thats when it goes and vice versa), hence why I think its probably bandwidth or power. So I guess the question(s) are: Does anyone else have the HITEC ASTRO EQDIR, how do you use it and do you also have the USB 3.0 weirdness?How do you power (if at all) your cables and do you get bandwidth problems?Do you use a hub of any kind?Finally, given I'm not getting out much in the evenings I'm going to try and image from the Coronado Solarmax during the day but will need a new imaging camera and most are (at least) USB3.0. What is everyone's recommendation around USB3.0 cables and hubs? I'm guessing this is just going to compound my issues :/ Anyway, clear skies everyone and thanks for any advice! Cheers Will
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