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  1. Yes thanks all, I had a really nice time even if the clouds were predominant (although I did get a smidgen of observing on Wednesday evening ). We had some good conversations in the evenings and as ever, it's all about the social and stars are a bonus. Sorry for bailing early but I was shattered - turns out I was coming down with a cold
  2. No, I got it wrong... I'm on holiday elsewhere next week, then over to Pencelli the following week
  3. Hi guys, I've been totally switched off from astro since SGLX but I'm really looking forward to this See you a week Wednesday!
  4. Oh noes! I've only just seen this (which tells you how much attention I've been paying to astro lately...) but alas I've already committed to Pencelli on the same week. I was thinking to do a weekender with you guys as well, but the gods of chronology are against me. I'll miss finding out what the Cyborg Astronomer has wrought this time I hope you guys have fun Kev PS Mark, nay bother, you've always said the emphasis is towards the tail end of the name "star party" and I know what it can be like trying to organise things between and around your own life. Hopefully, "build it and they will come" applies Sorry I can't join you this time around.
  5. And BOOM, Qualia strikes again As someone who thinks he knows a bit about some of this stuff, I'm flabbergasted at how much information you have packed into here and how much of it was either new to me, or more coherently and cogently explained than I've seen before. And I know how much time it takes to write technical things down properly, how much effort it takes to convert it from a jumble of details to a coherently narrated guide which is easy to read and leads you through the material gently and neatly. So once again, thank you. I tip my hat to you, Rob. And +1 to the idea of you collecting these into a book - I would buy 'The History, Science, Observation and Poetry of the Universe, by Qualia' in a heartbeat
  6. "Today's unprecedented solar eclipse is no cause for alarm..." Sorry Nick couldn't resist! :-p
  7. Well dayum. You're a bit far away from me, but should you be passing Bristol... ;)
  8. The weather has turned too nasty for astro ... ... so ... ... tonight's Pluto of Balvenie DoubleWood is sliding down rather nicely
  9. Wow, good work getting out there. And a daytime near-full moon to end on today, one of my favourite views - aka DeathStar moon to me
  10. FWIW, AstroTux has the same (1200mm fl 10" dob) and I think said he had heard something similar, but he bought the full set of BSTs for his and rates them well
  11. DoubleWood is my 2nd favourite at the moment (behind the Glenfiddich 12) so you'll get no derision from me I think tomorrow will be DoubleWood in Jupiter
  12. They're from thinkgeek. I was pointed towards them in early Dec, but they'd sold out and when I signed up for stock alerts by email they said they were expecting more in March :-o Well come March I got an email saying they had 10 sets and had chosen people at random to email back, hurry up if you want them etc - so I jumped in All of which is a long winded way of saying, they came from here https://www.thinkgeek.com/product/2033/ but they'll be out of stock. WOAH you may be in luck they have stock, go go go! It's $50 but then another $40 postage and I got hit for £20 import duty. In the meantime, I'm also on Glenfiddich 12 tonight (despite Nick's naysaying ) so I'll raise a sun to your health Paul - Happy Birthday
  13. My god. The detail on that central galaxy! I'm a strictly visual guy, but I do love browsing the eye candy that you guys and gals produce. You all have my solid admiration, even though (or perhaps because?) the dark side holds no lure for me personally. Good job John
  14. That's a lovely image I may add it to the rotation on my desktop backgrounds at work
  15. Blimey I'm late to this party. Good summary Nicko, I'm glad it got pinned it should be very helpful to people. Anyone who's looked at your books at a star party can attest that no-one does planning and notes like you - plus some great sketches I know I'm late but I thought I'd answer anyway: Globular clusters. I mean really, anything and everything: familiar objects look totally different, things that used to be too faint will suddenly be attainable, so just make like a kid in a sweet shop. But the biggest step change for me when I went from my ST80 to Jeffery (8" dob) was globs - just WOW That was on Nick's advice too, thinking about it!
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