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  1. Was thinking of a back up plan, should my hair dryer break/malfunction. The dew was real bad that night. Thus, a perfect time for an experiment. So I tried hand warmers under the lenses. It worked like a charm for my 15x70 binoculars. Will try the hand warmers out on my 120mm f/8 refractor, the next time at a darksite with heavy dew. I think one at the 4 and 8 o'clock position might work for the scope. My eyepieces had dew issues also. So I kept them in a pencil pouch with a hand warmer, problem solved.
  2. Give her an Amazon/Walmart gift card. As Anne S stated. She may already have an idea of what she wants next. Both Walmart and Amazon have a huge selection of telescopes and mounts. The two also have the best return policy. My next scopes will most likely be a Star Travel 150mm f/5 and 100mm binoculars for DSO. I am not into photography, so an azimuth mount for the scope and heavy duty tripod for the binoculars. I would stay away from anything that has to be collimated and requires a lot of cool down town.
  3. My widest aperture scope is a 120mm f/8 refractor. The best filter for me is gasoline. I love a long drive to a bortle 3 or 4 campsite. The country side around where I live is beautiful. https://darksitefinder.com/maps/world.html
  4. I was asked "what do you get from observing the night sky". My answer was, "I don't know it is something spiritual". What would be your short answer to this question?
  5. I have a Vixen 70mm f/12.9 refractor for quick setup/grab and go. I can see Saturn's Cassini division from bortle 9 skies.
  6. https://astronomyconnect.com/forums/articles/the-allure-of-the-small-refractor-or-a-cure-for-aperture-fever.73/
  7. Here is another video. This Youtuber uses a white phosphor device. Much better than the green or blue.
  8. http://pwang.io/hobbies/astro/nightvision/#Devices http://www.televue.com/engine/TV3b_page.asp?id=36
  9. Started the topic to get some understanding of what the Youtuber was doing. Could not understand what he was saying. Thanks for your reply.
  10. Anybody bagged this nebula, HD44179? I have a 120mm refractor, and will have a pair of 25x100 binoculars. I will be observing from bortle 3 skies.
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