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  1. 'As new' condition, hardly used, I have other portable mounts, so this doesn't get used any more, works perfectly. Complete in original box, with unused polar illuminator, ballhead adapter and manual. Price: £140 incl. insured courier delivery to UK, ( buyer pays paypal fees ). I can include the used polar wedge for an extra £25.
  2. Very little used, excellent condition, only selling it as I have other portable mounts. Complete with polar scope and illuminator in original box. Price £115 incl. insured courier delivery. Here is the link for details: https://www.firstlightoptics.com/skywatcher-mounts/skywatcher-star-adventurer-mini-sam-wifi.html
  3. Unused, 'as new' condition, decided I'd like a bigger one for a new lens I bought. Price incl. shipment: £99 Here is a link for info: https://www.firstlightoptics.com/light-pollution-reduction-imaging/idas-d1-light-pollution-suppression-filter.html Regards, t
  4. Both little used, 'as new' condition, selling due to change of camera. Price incl. shipment: Ha: £99; CLS: £49 These are compatible with Canon 5D / 6D, etc, here are the links for details on these filters: https://www.365astronomy.com/optolong-h-alpha-7nm-narrowband-deepsky-filter-for-for-full-frame-canon-eos-cameras.html https://www.365astronomy.com/optolong-cls-city-light-suppression-filter-for-full-frame-canon-eos-cameras.html Regards, t
  5. Thanks for the tip, I'll bear it in mind for next time. Makes you wonder how they deal with dust in those lovely observatories, last thing you'd want is Saharan sand getting into them. I guess they just don't observe on those days. Another question to people who've been, we were hoping to see some laser beams from the adaptive optics, but there was no sign of them. Are they not used by these observatories, or are they invisible, i.e. IR?
  6. It may not be necessary to take the flats at the same temperature as the lights, but why not reduce the noise by taking them with the cooling on. As far as I know noise in any calibration frames will transfer to noise in the calibrated image, that's why people take many cal frames rather than just 1?
  7. Nice. And re-assuring, as I've just bought a 58mm IDAS LPS D1 to go in front of my canon 300mm f4. Clear aperture of the filter is about 53mm, so will end up with f5.7, which I thought would be a bit too slow but you say you are using a teleconverter, so imaging at f7. So, you've taken this from inner city Munich? I'm in a Bortle 5/6 zone, so bit less LP too.
  8. Hi Chris, Lucky you, Hawaii is on my wish list. I guess a lot of it is down to personal preference, but where wide-band can work well is at dark sky locations. I like keeping things simple when I travel, so normally stick to a DSLR and often don't even take a laptop, just an intervalometer. I found that my StarAdventurer couldn't cope well with 200mm+ focal lengths unguided, but I guess you must have tested your setup. Re imaging at high altitudes, after trying it, I decided to stick to 'base camp', however my attempt was in the 'winter': Enjoy!
  9. I'm very happy with this one, really solid, fluid head can be removed: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Velbon-DV-7000N-Video-Tripod-PH-368/dp/B00U2IA3PW
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