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  1. Hi I have recently installed a Kodlix mini computer on top of my scope to reduce usb cable length and movement. I have come across a problem with Windows 10 Pro which is pre-installed on the Kodlix and Main Sequence Pro/SGP and my Atik 414EX camera. The camera doesn't always connect when I bring up SGP and connect the equipment in the sequence panel. The camera usb lead goes straight into a USB port, not via a hub and the cable is a high quality cable and 0.5 of a metre. Sometimes it works three or four time from cold (everything off and rebooted) and then it doesn't for no apparent reason. All drivers are the latest both the core drivers and the ascom drivers. The QHY5-ll camera connects ok each time. I read somewhere that this is a Windows 10 issue and feel sure you must have come across this before. Can anyone help? Kind regards David
  2. David Crane

    OTA Alignment

    I haven't emailed FLO yet allthough I have trawled through their website. It's on my todo list for Monday. Regarding the focuser compression ring. Looking at it with a magnifying glass, it looks to be glued in. I woulsd love to get rid of it but at least it has three screws. I think the culprit is at the other end with the compression ring with one screw. I don't think it compresses evenly with just one screw. I'g also going to email Telskop-Express on Monday and see if the the focuser end does come off (without a hammer) David
  3. HI I have a very slight mis-alignment in my OTA due to the adapter which fits to a 50mm extension piece. I'm trying to get rid of the compression ring and screw arrangement and use screw-in T connections. My arrangement at the moment from the ZWO filter wheel I have a 1.25" nose (which has an internal thread). This slides into a 2" adapter and is tighten with a compression ring and one screw. This slides into a 2" 50mm extension piece which is tighten with a compression ring and two screws. The nose of the 50mm extension piece slides into the focuser and is tightened with a compression ring and three screws. I'm looking for a 50mm extension piece that has a 2" nose at one end and a 1.25" end that has the thread on the outside to fit into the filter wheel adapter. I can't find one anywhere, can anybody help.
  4. David Crane

    Micro/mini computers

    I can fall asleep standing up, In my case it's not just the equipment that need upgrading. However I'm glad to know it works, its given me encouragement.
  5. David Crane

    Micro/mini computers

    OK, that's good. I'm planning on getting the Kodlix N42-D which also comes with Pro. Thanks for that David
  6. David Crane

    Micro/mini computers

    Hi Hugh That's very interesting THE COMPANY wanted £149
  7. David Crane

    Micro/mini computers

    Hi Kalista Have you tried your new setup yet? David
  8. David Crane

    Micro/mini computers

    Hi Hugh I use teamviewer at the moment which is Wifi, and I haven't had any problems with it. I haven't heard of Wake on Wireless so I can't comment. I won't get my mini pc and power unit until July sadly and I would have liked to try windows remote viewer. However, I think you need W10 pro for remote viewer. At least that's what my current home edition tells me. I will have Pro on the new mini pc but not on the other end, i.e. my laptop or desktop pc which have Home edition. David
  9. David Crane

    Micro/mini computers

    Thanks Kalista. Good idea to get a selection of fuse sizes. Your setup looks impressive. My sister in law lives in Bexhill and she seems to get as many clear nights as we get in Spain, but we do get cheaper wine. I hope all works with the mini pc. My list is down to four different models so I'll really interested to know how you get on. Thanks for all your help. Hi Ian. I have been using team viewer without any problems but I may go to cable as the distance is not too far. From my limited understanding, you need Windows 10 pro to use their wireless option and I only have Home. Best wishes David
  10. David Crane

    Micro/mini computers

    Hi Kalista I have ordered up the power unit from ebay. You mentioned it came with pre-installed fuses and you changed them to 3 amp. I plan to do the same so are they the spade type of fuse. Because of my location it's easier to order in advance. Many thanks David
  11. David Crane

    Micro/mini computers

    Hi Kaliska Can you tell me where you bought your power unit from. ebay looks favourite and less expensive than Amazon. Thanks Graham. The choice is getting bigger but at least the idea seems to work and help reduce the frustrating usb cable issues. David
  12. David Crane

    Micro/mini computers

    Hi Kalista The mini pc you have is one I'm looking at so that's good to know. From your photograph it looks like you have power unit of some sort next to it. I'm also trying to get rid of the many power transformers that add additional weight to the setup. Could you enlighten me. Thanks By the way, I was just packing up last night after a bad night of cable problems when I read the funny replies near the top of the post. Thank you gentlemen. You made me laugh. David
  13. David Crane

    Main Sequence Software

    Thanks for replying to this issue. My power supply to the Atik is 3 amps so it should be fine. I was thinking of extending the cable from the exit (3 amp) side just to sit the transformer on the ground and reduce the weight but now I'm concerned now that the extra length may reduce the voltage. Regarding returning to all usb 2's. My three ports on the laptop are all usb 3 and I don't have a powered usb 2 hub at the moment but I may try an un-powered one I have. Hi Sara. Lovely to hear from you. I agree with you about SGP but I think it is more my incompetence and inexperience than the program. But it does seem its always the camera gets stuck in download that kicks in others problems. I would love a permanent setup and dark skies. but its not possible where we are so I make the most of it. David
  14. I'm trying reduce the usb cables issues I have by attaching a mini computer to the centre of the OTA so it moves with the scope and I have minimum cable movement. Has anyone any experience of suitable computers and set ups bearing in mind I don't have a fixed location and have to set up each night. The ones I have seen are about 12 x 12 x 5mm and about 950gm. The down side seems to be the 32GB memory most offer which seems to get half filled with Windows. I would be no good with Linux or any other operating system. I would also like to be able to put SGP, CdC, PHD2 and a few other on as well but maybe on a micro usb card.
  15. David Crane

    Main Sequence Software

    Thanks John. Tried last night with each camera in a dedicated laptop port but still had the same problems. It may be I had to use extensions to the usbs and they may have been just a little too long. I have shorter cables on the way which from memory are Ugreen but I like the look of the Chromo range. My laptop has three ports so put the filter wheel, mount into the powered hub. Has anybody any thoughts about using microcomputers attached to the scope? David

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