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  1. Ok , need some clear skies . thanks for you advice.
  2. What would your next step be. so far : Track eliminated via a different mount. Light path tight. Filter wheel filters checked to make sure they are seated correctly , There is one lump of glass left that may need correcting image wise or has one of its elements causing the problem But if I've missed something less expensive
  3. Yes it is the seperate stacks ... each of the 4 show eggs with differing directions , ruling out guiding maybe . The kit has also been on a different mount with no improvement
  4. I agree , Its a question of if a flattener is not required due to the size of the sensor then an objective issuse ??
  5. Sorry , the guide scope is a QHY mini guider with a QHY5 2 mono , the single subs exhibit the same problem , here is one of the subs Thanks
  6. It may be better to say they probably were all the time , it was that location ie unable to see polaris led to terrible tracking issues and focus related problems meant few nights with subs of any value
  7. The images posted are a 4 panel mosaic before combining with MS ICE.
  8. Hi , The images are stacks of 6 min exposures in LUM , the eggy stars are visible in a single 6 min sub I'm using a TS photoline super APO 80/40 , I understand some fast scope do suffer from elongated stars without a flattener, the issue for me is its not a uniform distortion. This scope would need a similar correction in 2 corners and different ones for the other 2 corners
  9. Hi , no there is no flattener fitted , its a case of looking at the asymmetrical location of the distorted stars i thought a flattener would only correct a uniform problem eg all stars a egg shaped towards the corners . I needed to make sure the objective lens was not causing the defect
  10. Hi I have developed non circulars that I can't find the reason for. My equipment is an HEQ5 out, Atik414EX imaging camera, QHY5-ll guide camera, 80mm TS Photoline APO triplet scope. Everything has been checked for tightness and flex. in the optical path. The crayford focuser has been checked over and is tight. P1 v2.bmp P2 v2.bmp P3 v2.bmp P4 v2.bmp
  11. Hi I have recently installed a Kodlix mini computer on top of my scope to reduce usb cable length and movement. I have come across a problem with Windows 10 Pro which is pre-installed on the Kodlix and Main Sequence Pro/SGP and my Atik 414EX camera. The camera doesn't always connect when I bring up SGP and connect the equipment in the sequence panel. The camera usb lead goes straight into a USB port, not via a hub and the cable is a high quality cable and 0.5 of a metre. Sometimes it works three or four time from cold (everything off and rebooted) and then it doesn't for no apparent reason. All drivers are the latest both the core drivers and the ascom drivers. The QHY5-ll camera connects ok each time. I read somewhere that this is a Windows 10 issue and feel sure you must have come across this before. Can anyone help? Kind regards David
  12. I haven't emailed FLO yet allthough I have trawled through their website. It's on my todo list for Monday. Regarding the focuser compression ring. Looking at it with a magnifying glass, it looks to be glued in. I woulsd love to get rid of it but at least it has three screws. I think the culprit is at the other end with the compression ring with one screw. I don't think it compresses evenly with just one screw. I'g also going to email Telskop-Express on Monday and see if the the focuser end does come off (without a hammer) David
  13. HI I have a very slight mis-alignment in my OTA due to the adapter which fits to a 50mm extension piece. I'm trying to get rid of the compression ring and screw arrangement and use screw-in T connections. My arrangement at the moment from the ZWO filter wheel I have a 1.25" nose (which has an internal thread). This slides into a 2" adapter and is tighten with a compression ring and one screw. This slides into a 2" 50mm extension piece which is tighten with a compression ring and two screws. The nose of the 50mm extension piece slides into the focuser and is tightened with a compression ring and three screws. I'm looking for a 50mm extension piece that has a 2" nose at one end and a 1.25" end that has the thread on the outside to fit into the filter wheel adapter. I can't find one anywhere, can anybody help.
  14. I can fall asleep standing up, In my case it's not just the equipment that need upgrading. However I'm glad to know it works, its given me encouragement.
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