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  1. Joves

    Very rough lunar sketches

    “...even if the end result isn’t very good at all”? I’d say they are extremely good results! Well done and keep at it... you clearly have a knack for it!!
  2. Joves

    Fuzzy Thing near Aldebaran

    Comet 46p is in that general vicinity at the moment...
  3. Great profile photo of you and your new scope. You look very proud and should be. Once you get things sorted, you’ll be loving spending time under the stars with it. I’d recommend just sticking to the 20mm eyepiece to start. You’ll find things much easier and be able to bring them to a sharper focus. Once you feel confident, then start increasing the magnification. The most important thing, first of all, is to ensure you have your finderscope well aligned. i imagine you have, based on your daytime shots, however it may still be a little out. Make sure you have a particular very small section of that electricity pole centred in both the finderscope and the eyepiece to ensure it is at least roughly aligned. Simply having the pole in the finder and also in the eyepiece at the same time doesn’t mean it will show you what is in the finder through the eyepiece at night, as the pole is a lot larger (visually) than many of the things you’ll be looking at in the sky. Best of luck and I look forward to reading that you have everything under control and are loving the views!!
  4. That’s a nice looking scope, even dismantled. Oh my, i think i am in trouble...
  5. Those parquetry floors are too nice to be covered over with astronomy equipment! Incidentally, I’m off to visit the tooth dr tomorrow morning. Really looking forward to it... not!
  6. Mine are the same age, both boys for me, so you and I are in pretty well the same boat. My 5 year old gets very excited at the prospect of looking through the telescope, which is a good sign. If only he knew how to look and not touch! I was only saying to my wife tonight that I should get him his own little scope. Something cheap, but which actually does something. We got him this terrible little plastic thing about a year ago which does absolutely nothing whatsoever but appease his interest. Haha... your partner doesn’t want a 16” dobsonian permanently set up in the kitchen? What’s wrong with her?? The house we are in at the moment whilst building our family home has a very handy loft, which has been taken over by myself and the telescopes. Out of sight, out of mind. The place we are building will allow wheeling of a dob directly from the garage, so perhaps when the home is complete will be the right time (both from a sensible time to spend ther money and have somewhere logical to keep it).
  7. Thanks Gav, good to hear from you too! I’ve never actually looked through a 16 inch scope, at dark skies or otherwise, so I can only imagine the difference in views between it and even the finest quality 6 inch refractor. I’m pretty certain a large dob will round out my equipment and see me done with acquisitions for the foreseeable future, however, am not in a huge rush to press the button as I know it will see very little use for the time being. Shame about the door situation, given those very handy looking wheely bars. I see bi-fold doors in your very near future....
  8. I agree... unless i was desperate for the money, I’d be keeping it. Sounds like a great deal you got with that SCT!!
  9. I hadn’t heard of Skyvision before, so looked them up after seeing this thread. They look like absolutely beautiful telescopes and this one is no exception. Congrats Gavin, it’s giving me dob envy on a slightly too serious level!!
  10. Joves

    Intes Micro Maksutov

    I’m planning on trying the same thing with my Tec MC200, Stu. Insulating cats seems to be yielding great results. Lovely looking scopes too, fellas!
  11. Hi Tico, Do you actually own the 127SLT and are looking to change/upgrade? Or is it that you’ve seen through one, looking to buy something similar, but want advice on which one to choose?
  12. Thanks mate, yours is full of quality gear itself.
  13. Joves

    I'm in love!

    Great response, thanks Geoff. Sounds like the Morpheus is a fantastic eyepiece. I’ve been very pleasantly surprised by the Hyperion zoom. So much so, that it is often the main eyepiece sitting in which ever scope I’m using. That could be moreso due to my laziness though Thanks. My signature is pretty ridiculous, to be honest. It’s more of a reminder to myself of the main gear I have than really trying to put it on display. It started with only a couple of items and then just kind of grew from there. What is even more ridiculous though is that the vast majority of it never really gets any use. Someday, I’m sure...
  14. A quality eyepiece that I seem to use almost every (infrequent) session also.
  15. Must add, I upgraded from these to the entire Ethos lineup. A fairly significant upgrade. To answer the second part of the question, the Ethos will remain with me forever, I imagine.

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