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  1. cheers yeah steve i think i'm gonna try and get to one of the meets towards the end of the summer , scope or not.. it is a right gutter as i was just getting used to my 200p and thought i'd settled in for being a dob user , then a lovely bill ended up on the mat, but never mind the stars still go round and i have eyes so get on with it lol..
  2. hello peeps i've been quiet the last few months, thought i'd pop on and tell ya i'm still around, unfortunatley due to me still being out of work because of my ankle i'm currently scopeless needs must so to speak all luxuries are gone , but still watching the skies with a small pair of binos, fingers crossed i'll have a bit of luck soon and i can start saving again for a big ol dob.. hope your all loving this clear sky the last few days , it had to happen now i havent got a scope lol, hopefully i'll get to one of the meets this year telescope or not.. clear skies peace out..
  3. really glad it all went well for ya strange what happened but there might be a reasonable explanation..
  4. I hope you do get it mate there might have been something else going on and i've misjudged the situation , it's not like i actually won the auction , it just seemed strange that he offered it an hour after because the person who out bid me hadnt paid i said yes and nothing no contact ,and it came back up on another account.. i've got my fingers crossed for ya
  5. hope you do get it , as this person has relisted under two different i.d.s , it was me who asked if he can post if i sorted a courier out, he said yes , then when i lost the bid a day later he asked do i want it as the other guy hadnt paid (shill bid me thinks) i replied yes but reminded him i need it posted and would get a courier myself if he would package , then nothing, and it came back on ebay with another sellers i.d. , it is the same guy as it looks like he buys and sell cars as well. let us know if it all goes to plan he wasnt happy with £300 from me so it will be good to see if he kee
  6. Can you got these computer controlled though imad or is this just for your visual set up. I think ive seen electronic ones but not sure if they can hook up to a lappy and they seemed very expensive as you said ..
  7. Get a mak with one of the lighter eq mounts. either an eq 3-2 with goto or one of the smaller ioptron ones that have a wedge and gps very handy for travelling as you don't need to find your gps coordinates all the time. every little helps lol.
  8. ah thats why i struggled i used two big sheets on my skyliner 200p and a few tiny strips to fill the gaps and around the secondary..
  9. ah thats why i struggled i used two big sheets on my skyliner 200p and a few tiny strips to fill the gaps and around the secondary..
  10. it will work i had an c8 and was planning on doing it
  11. There is a lot of dodgy stuff going on with Google chrome at present Im signed in on my browser and get Google throne attachment emails telling me a payment has been bounced with so n so card please fill in this form even though i don't have that card.
  12. Did mine today and almost flocked it up lol. Its quite tricky to get a good smooth covering i found it easier to peel off the backing and roll it up with the sticky side facing down and basically roll it on your arm around the inside..
  13. sorry as with all forums it read differently to me, it did seemed as if you were saying they wouldnt do it with arts so why should they do it with science/astronomy, to me astronomy can be as complicated or simple as you want it to be £1000's of pounds worth of gear or just your eyes, thats the feeling i always get off s@n , but one of the issues i have noticed is that the professional astronomers,even Sir,Patrick Moore, as he always said he was an amateur, used to talk as if we all were as clued up as them , my missus watches it and hardly understands anything being said, Now Jon Culshaw is d
  14. wow these mods make a really big difference i've done the lazy susan mod and built the fans in ,although i'm taking the smaller one out, i will add pics of the fan mod and lazy susan mod when i get 5 minutes, time to flock it now..
  15. One of the most arrogant replies ive come across.. I think you've missed the point of the sky at night and everything sir Patrick Moore stood for.. Astronomy is for everyone at every level young or old. Highly intelligent or not..You have all the scientists on sky at night the basis of having someone like Jon culshaw is the point of view from the beginner or amateur star gazer he didn't even do any impressions this week so i think its time to let him carry on and do what he's doing. Could be worse it Could be Jonathan Ross
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