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  1. Grogfish

    Anyone tried eyepiece projection for EAA?

    +1 to both of you! Thank you for spending the time thrashing this one out - I too have often wondered about the theory and practice of using an EP for focal reduction. Eyepiece projection has often appeared to me to be a dark art that is only discussed in hushed corners, and you get funny looks for talking about it out loud... I think you’ve handsomely demonstrated why this is the case; it’s fiddly and the results don’t merit the effort compared to the alternatives. Ah well, good job I spent the twenty quid years ago on a simple x0.5 reducer......
  2. Grogfish

    Eypiece for Nexstar 4se

    Wowsers! The Nirvana is a bargain at that price - what a shame they don’t do one around the 10-12mm length as well.
  3. Grogfish

    Eypiece for Nexstar 4se

    Hi Hapii. Of the options you've looked at, I'd go for option 2, except with a 10mm Hyperion - as I think using the x2 barlow on a 13mm will be too much, but you will be able to use it with your existing 25mm plossl for an effective 12.5mm.... Giving you 25mm, 12.5mm, and 10mm options each evening. I've never used a Hyperion, but many people hold them in high regard, and in my experience 1 "great" eyepiece gets much more use than 3 "ok" eyepieces! For planetary I find 10mm a pretty good balance on my 4SE, as others have said. Occasionally the seeing is good enough to go to 8mm, but rarely shorter than that - I have a lovely 7mm X-Cel LX that I've hardly used! In France the planets will be that bit higher in the sky than for me (I think?!), so you may get away with more power than I do in the Uk. Again, I'd agree with what many are saying - a 32mm plossl eyepiece is the go-to for most deep sky objects on the 4SE. (I say most, because globulars etc you might want more mag). I liked the 32mm Meade 4000 which is good, but sadly not been made for a long time. I've also got a 32mm Baader Classic Ortho (actually a plossl) which is also pretty good - and may be a good choice for you too (~£50). However.... I now have a 16mm 82deg Skywatcher Nirvana that I use almost all the time for DSO - the optics fantastic and the visible field is basically the same as the 32mm plossl. If you can afford it (~£130), it's definitely worth considering at some point. Good luck whatever you choose, and clear skies!
  4. Grogfish

    Focal reducer?

    Yup, a few people have used the Startravel 80 on the 4SE mount (such as Sxinias’s post on AF), as it’s quite short, and you can often pick it up for £100 new, and a lot less second hand. Given the expense and difficulty with attaching an SCT FR, it’s worth a thought. I’ve only played with wedge and frankly didn’t find it worth the effort.
  5. There are some good objects in this list published in Sky and Telescope. It includes a mix of object types, including double stars, and unusual objects like the garnet star. (Personally I found I’d ignored doubles from my own observing for the first few years, but am glad I developed a taste for them.) If you have the SkySafari app then the list is already available as an observing list so it’ll highlight them for you In Search, if you click on Import from Online Repository, it’s listed as “111 Objects for light polluted skies”.
  6. Grogfish

    Nexstar 5se mount problems?

    *slewing, not spewing
  7. Grogfish

    Nexstar 5se mount problems?

    I can’t quite work out where in my head the Pleiades would have been from HK, but yeah, if they were near zenith the scope may have started spewing to one position before deciding they’d moved enough overhead that it needed to slew round the other way. Also it may have the Cordwrap feature kicking in (dunno much about it to be honest), or simply that it had reached it’s maximum slew in one direction and found that it suddenly had to about-turn 359deg, to get back to nearly where it has started (because the Nexstar mechanics can only turn around so far). if it happens again I’d give it 5 minutes, with my guess being itd be one the above and it’ll sort it self out within 60s
  8. Grogfish

    Nexstar 5se mount problems?

    Hiya. What slew speed was it set (often 8 or 9 on the keypad), and how long did you let it slew in Az. before you switched off? Bit less than a minute, about a minute, or much longer than a minute?
  9. Grogfish

    Focal reducer?

    I’ve not used one myself but RVO sell a SCT to Mak screwthread adapter for 25 quid - I believe that would allow use of an SCT focal reducer on the rear of 4SE. Worth an ask of RVO first though to make sure. Personally I’ve gone straight through the 1.25” eyepiece slot instead. That allowed the use of cheap 0.5x 1.25” focal reducers that can be picked up from various outlets for £20 or less. Using one of those (actual effect for me has been around x0.58) and a 1/3” sensor yields a field of view very similar to what you’ll see through a 10mm plossl in the 4SE. Which, ain’t a lot for deep sky! But it’s been fun and I’ve learnt a lot. If you’re using a DSLR you’ll get a bigger field.
  10. Grogfish

    Festive viewing.

    An unexpected clear evening in Hertfordshire - too busy an evening sadly to set up the scope but managed to see M33 through the 15x70 for the first time - a sight that as always eluded me in binos. Guess that was an early Christmas treat! A merry Christmas to all!
  11. I've not measured the field myself, but I've not noticed a massive difference compared to the 52deg 32mm Meade4000 (which looking at SkySafari I've always believed Is pretty close to the advertised 52deg). Sitting here I could believe 50deg for the Baader, but I'd be a little surprised if it turned out to be as small as 46deg? I'll have to check that out next time it's not snowing Still, regards the aberration ( I'm not up on the different kinds so forgive my lack of terminology), away from the centre stars exhibit a bit of "ghosting" at times with a fainter double visible, and also elongation in the direction of the edge. I'll make sure to note down a better description. To be honest, yeah, it is a bit of a disappointment because I've not experienced anything like this in other eyepieces, and at f13, I would have thought most eyepiece sins would be forgiven! Do you think I've just got a diff one? From what I've read, others appear to have experienced at least somewhat similar performance (albeit possibly not at f13)
  12. Absolutely, yes, it's a Plossl design (well, that's what it says on the label anway - it's very narrow compared to most 32mm Plossl's, and I'm not really how how rigourously the name "plossl" is used by manufacturers, but I guess that's a whole different thread!). I suppose I still think of it as a BCO rather than BCP because it forms one end of the FL range for the BCOs, and I believe is the only plossl in the range
  13. I've had a 32mm BCO for around a year now. Similar to many others' comments I find it somewhat sharper than a 32mm Meade4000 in the centre, but performance drops off badly towards the edge. (In comparison I find the 4000 offers consistent performance until very close to the edge of the field). As I'm a 4" Mak user many open clusters fill the view of a 32mm, and the BCO behaviours don't make it ideal for this. However, I have found a couple of really handy uses for it: 1.For some galaxies and nebulae it's really quite a handy eyepiece as it provides a very good central view while still allowing the object to be seen in the widest possible context, eg it'a lovely for M42, as it beautifully splits the trapezium (into 4) in the middle, allows some good nebulosity to be seen, and doesn't matter too much that the outer edge is a bit poor as it's not what I'm looking at. I'm working with 102mm at f13, and the same may well not hold true for others though. 2. Another handy application I've found by trial and error, is that the 32mm BCO with a 25mm extension is more-or-less parfocal with my GPCAM2 IMX224 with a cheapo 0.5x reducer (when put straight in the eyepiece holder). This has been very handy when having to swap between locating objects through the eyepiece and imaging them. Not sure I'd recommend buying BCO solely for this purpose (and your image train will likely by slightly different), but I suppose it shows the value of experimentation :-)
  14. Grogfish

    Hello from sunny Bedfordshire?

    There is a Luton club (Luton Astro) , but I don't know anything more than what's on their website. There's a decent astronomy shop in Tring too, so I'd guess they'd be a club in that neck of the woods too. I'd eat my hat if MK doesn't have one - again, probably as far as Letchworth but may just be a zip up the A5 for you.
  15. Grogfish

    Hello from sunny Bedfordshire?

    Welcome Paul. I'm not much of a one for clubs, Letchworth has a club if you're then end of Beds?

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