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  1. A full set of narrowband 3nm Chroma filters, 31mm unmounted
  2. Interesting, Do you find it difficult to get the stars the same size because the Ha filter is wider, or is this compensated by stretching Oiii and Sii more than you stretch Ha? I'm in doubt between a 3nm and 5nm Ha.
  3. This video is really funny! You have such a nice style @rorymultistorey I subscribed instantly after watching it. I love that you have both the expensive stuff but dont forget the low end stuff as well. Guys like Dylan O Donell and Trevor Jones totally leave their roots behind as they get send fancy gear by suppliers. I also started with that hateful cg5. God that thing sucked. I finally hit it with a hammer, then sold it to my best friend, He continued hating it for 2 years until he also hit it, then sold it. I hope it will receive many more hits. But the dreaded thing got me
  4. haha! looking forward to seeing if there is Oiii. I'll stay tuned mate, but already gorgeous so far. I love black and white Ha images.....
  5. So pretty!! Well done. Are you using 3nm Chroma's? I'm really impressed how some astrophotographers get so much sense of depth in their images, including you. Is it just getting better raw data or is there a processing trick to it? I could use some of you secret sauce...
  6. Wow how great are all these images. A true inspiration! 2019 marked the first year for me shooting with a mono camera and filter wheel. And I am just loving it! Hope you enjoy some of my pics All shot with my Esprit 100, EQ6-R Pro and ASI 1600mm-pro with stock ZWO filters. I'm quite proud of my images (if that's not bragging too much!), so I feel I've earned it to upgrade to Chroma 3nm NB filters this year.
  7. Another weekend of diy and we’ve installed the electric fence engine which can now automatically open the roof! What a victory for me and my dad (one that deserves beer). It can also be operated via Arduino and the internet to be fully remote The next step is making everything water tight and insulating the roof. Telescope will be placed come summer. IMG_0036.MOV IMG_0036.MOV
  8. Smart man! I was thinking about doing this as a service as well, but in the end it's not really worth the effort/ money you make. I'd rather modify them for friends and people I know for free
  9. Cool! Thanks for the explanation The light does go through glass before they hit the cmos.... the filters themselves. Doesn’t this have an effect? The reason I mention this is because an experienced astrophotographer I'm following on youtube uses filter offsets (very tiny ones mind you!), despite having a reflector....
  10. Yup this will work fine! Also as long as your collimation stays intact. This is the main reason I switched to fracs
  11. Well, focusing can be a b*tch, so I tend to calculate the total time I will be out, divide by the filters (note that you want to spend relatively more time on the L filter, I do 50% L, 50% RGB combined). I have an expensive ED triplet, and even I need to refocus. I doubt that you dont need to refocus with a reflector either. Focus is a fine art and every wavelength has its own focal point. I'm sure can choose not to refocus, but if you want very high quality images it's best to refocus between filters. With a stepper focus motor you can spend a night calibrating the filter offsets, so once you
  12. I did mine myself successfully (Canon 650D) and if you take a Sunday out of your calendar and carefully follow below instructions it is very easy to do! You only need to order a 50 pound Baader BCF filter. http://dslrmodifications.com/rebelmod450d1.html video by same maker:
  13. Yes you will need to dither, but this is usually automatically done by PHD2 anyway
  14. That's idd ventilation, but it's for the wood storage area of the building, so not the observatory part (that is closed off and insulated). I'm using Solidworks 2011 (I still have a license for that from my old company). More updates: the roof now rolls off!! Great milestone, since me and my dad were quite worried whether the system would work! WhatsApp Video 2020-05-10 at 21.53.32.mp4
  15. Can't go wrong with the 294 cooled! It's very popular, has high re-sell value. My friend has it and is over the moon, figuratively...
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