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  1. Excellent shot! Way better level of detail and better colour than my efforts with my C8 the other night.
  2. Nice report this morning, and well done on spotting what you had caught! I don’t often hear things on the Today programme that make me happy, so thank you!
  3. I may be missing something here, but won’t it be a matter of putting the whole lot back on the tripod, tightening the tripod bolt into the adapter and then turning the AZGti to free it? That’s how I separated a seized wedge from a berlebach adapter.
  4. I dusted down my old Vixen GP-DX the other day and, after having a good look at three bright planets, took a few shots with a modded Canon 1000d and a Samyang 85mm lens. This single 240 second exposure came out quite nicely.
  5. I once captured a balloon like that completely by fluke - the image was clear enough to see it had a slightly pointy end as you’d expect on a balloon.
  6. I was out on an early morning walk today and spotted this - canon Magic Drainpipe on a 600d.
  7. It’s a good spot, but it does mean you have more exposure to light from Felixstowe and any boats off the shore, whereas the marsh just to the north towards Butley Low Corner still has a wide view and less direct light pollution. I couldn’t stop in the marsh this time because of the mozzies down there! The hill gave a nice view of moonrise and then marsrise.
  8. Yes, Burrow Hill, just above Butley Ferry
  9. A very wide shot (10mm) of the Milky Way taken last week from a beautiful spot in Suffolk overlooking Orford Ness.
  10. Last night is seemed noticeably fainter, despite clearer skies here in Bucks. Its tails are amazingly long now, reaching up to the right of the pointer stars of UMaj. Single shot through a Samyang 85mm lens on a Canon 600d
  11. A week after my first attempts, I now have the luxury of sitting on a garden bench while taking photos of this amazing visitor to our skies. First shot is through a canon 80-200mm lens, second is with a Samsung 10mm. Both with Canon 600d on an astrotrac.
  12. I managed one decent shot of the ISS last night at about 10.10pm as it sailed almost directly overhead here in Buckinghamshire. Shot through C8 with 2x teleconverter on a Canon 600D, 1/1600s at ISO1600.
  13. Taken with Canon 600D, 80-200mm lens and 2x teleconverter
  14. Gaps between the clouds were just enough to allow some shots of Venus nudging the Pleiades. Edit: canon 600d with 80-200mm lens and 2x teleconverter, 30s at 800ISO f13 sorry about the internal reflections- that’s not a new comet!
  15. Fantastic sequence, thanks for posting. Yes, I have been wondering what must be going through their minds up there. They’ll come back to a very different world.
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