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  1. Thanks for that, Vicky. Yes, they are indeed the ones you sold me and they are in excellent condition - even the little cleaning cloth is still in its wrapper!
  2. I have tried out the world of binoviewers and, after three goes, I think it's not for me, mainly because my left eye is weak. I bought these off here, nearly new, and they are still in excellent condition and with a pair of eyepieces, all original caps, packaging and both a 1.85x nosepiece and a 3x one. Asking for £70 including postage to UK.
  3. Ludd

    Geared tripod head.

    They’re a great bit of kit, but I have hardly used mine as I am usually either using lightweight gear to keep mobile, or using a heavy GDPX mount (which rarely sags). So mine is up for sale....
  4. Looking great from here - phone snap for now, will see what the DSLR has produced when I have time later.
  5. Ludd

    Looking for some where in Wales

    We have friends who rent out a small cottage at Nanternis on the coast at the south end of Cardigan bay. Just google Nanternis Cottage. Dark skies for sure, not so sure about hard standing by the house, as the garden is limited.
  6. I have one of these, coupled with a short dovetail bar with a slot that takes a standard camera-threaded bolt: https://www.teleskop-express.de/shop/product_info.php/language/en/info/p229_TS-Optics-Piggyback-Camera-Holder-for-D-20-mm-Counterweight-Shafts.html
  7. Ludd

    Hallalujah, a clear sky!

    Just went to retrieve cat from the garden and was greeted by a glittering starscape. Ran in to get the 10x42s and had a quick tour of winter favourites, open clusters in Gemini and Auriga, Bode and Cigar, M42 (tried for M78 but no joy), Pleiades, Swordhandle, Andromeda and then, just for a laugh, tried for M33 and there it was, loud and (almost) clear - no spiral shape visible but a definite oval of light.
  8. Nice report Spike - I had a very quick look through my 10x42s late last night (after carols in the local church) and 46P was showing nicely despite the bright moon down in Gemini. Not as distinct as it was last week, not sure if that was due to moonlight or the fact the comet is receding.
  9. Ludd

    Hello! from Bucks, UK

    Greetings from another Bucks-based stargazer. Some good dark bits out here west of Aylesbury.
  10. Ludd

    California re-visited

    Gorgeous image - last night I did look through the gaps in the clouds at the bit of sky by Menkib, thinking I must try some shots of the California Neb when I get a bit more clear sky.
  11. Indeed! An extra delight, just caught it heading into next door's bay tree. Edit: Yes, the C8 is better.
  12. I've just had a very quick look through my little 70mm ED scope with an 18mm BST eyepiece and 2.5x barlow to give a modest 58x mag. Mars is looking nice and bright salmon, Neptune only very slightly bluish. Maybe I should get the C8 out for higher resolution and more image scale.
  13. Ludd

    skysensor 2000pc internal battery

    I recall filing away the edge of the pcb to accommodate the battery which was slightly bigger than the original.
  14. Ludd

    skysensor 2000pc internal battery

    Mine definitely has a soldered battery (I changed it about 3 years ago). I am hamfisted and briefly shorted the battery while soldering it, it got scarily hot very quickly! Not a difficult job but possibly worth getting someone else to do it if you're anywhere nearly as clumsy as I am!
  15. My little 70mm ED scope had me marched off by armed officers at Dubai airport and invited to unpack it slowly while they stood back with guns at the ready. Mrs Ludd found it more alarming than I did. They were happy once they could see it was just a tube with a piece of glass in one end.

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