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  1. Ludd

    California re-visited

    Gorgeous image - last night I did look through the gaps in the clouds at the bit of sky by Menkib, thinking I must try some shots of the California Neb when I get a bit more clear sky.
  2. Indeed! An extra delight, just caught it heading into next door's bay tree. Edit: Yes, the C8 is better.
  3. I've just had a very quick look through my little 70mm ED scope with an 18mm BST eyepiece and 2.5x barlow to give a modest 58x mag. Mars is looking nice and bright salmon, Neptune only very slightly bluish. Maybe I should get the C8 out for higher resolution and more image scale.
  4. Ludd

    skysensor 2000pc internal battery

    I recall filing away the edge of the pcb to accommodate the battery which was slightly bigger than the original.
  5. Ludd

    skysensor 2000pc internal battery

    Mine definitely has a soldered battery (I changed it about 3 years ago). I am hamfisted and briefly shorted the battery while soldering it, it got scarily hot very quickly! Not a difficult job but possibly worth getting someone else to do it if you're anywhere nearly as clumsy as I am!
  6. My little 70mm ED scope had me marched off by armed officers at Dubai airport and invited to unpack it slowly while they stood back with guns at the ready. Mrs Ludd found it more alarming than I did. They were happy once they could see it was just a tube with a piece of glass in one end.
  7. I was out for about 45 minutes last night, also with no optical aid, and although there was a lot of twinkling, I thought the transparency was unusually good out in rural Buckinghamshire. It may of course be due to it being very high in the sky at the time, but I'd never seen quite so clearly with the naked eye how huge M31 is - it looked almost as if a chunk of the milky way had come loose and lodged in Andromeda.
  8. Ludd

    Impossibly Faint.

    I use the same camera as you, usually on an astrotrac. I find it shows up reasonably with exposures of 3 to 4 minutes. Here is a single sub of 213s. I guess if I had time to take a whole load of these and stacked them, it might look OK.
  9. Tuesday night was nice and clear here in Bucks, and I got the old GPDX mount set up with my little 70mm refractor. As well as enjoying some general observing, I took a few shots with my modded 1000D. Both these are single subs, tweaked a bit in PS Elements and therefore as noisy as a Mötörhead gig, but they're fun all the same.
  10. While there are still predictions of some Iridium flares, I thought I would have a go at catching one in the same frame as our local church tower. I don't know what the locals thought of the bloke lurking among the gravestones with a tripod, but the shot came out OK. Taken with an old takumar 28mm lens, about 20s exposure. And then about 20 minutes later I set up in the garden to catch the ISS passing over through the Milky Way. A bit swamped by the light of the rising moon. As I was packing up, I saw a satellite following the same path as the ISS, and clearly at a similar altitude because it faded into the earth's shadow at the same point just SE of Cygnus. Must check if there were any supply vessels nearby. [edit: it looks as though the Koutonori supply vessel is due to dock tomorrow morning] Samyang 10mm lens, about 150s exposure.
  11. Hmm, I really regretted selling the ancient 8" f6 OO newtonian I bought from Bern of Modern Astronomy. And I am in Leeds all day Tuesday. But alas no spare cash at the moment.
  12. I had another hour out in the garden with the Astrotrac and my modded 1000D. Eagle and Swan, and Veil are through an 85mm Samyang, the extreme wide angle milky way is through a 10mm Samyang. Clouds in the north east were hiding the comet, alas.
  13. Fabulous time lapse! Thank you for sharing.
  14. Haha, today's APOD prompted me to look again at the photos I took on the night of 16/17 August. Lo and behold, even on my tiny phone screen I spy 21P/Giacobini-Zinner to the left of the Heart nebula.

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