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  1. A brilliant gift - I took an ED70 with me when I went to see my sister in NZ and it was ideal, lovely clear views in a tiny package. Oh, and my sister is now a regular at her local observatory.
  2. Sounds good - can APT run in the camera or does it need a separate PC?
  3. Indeed: however the single long exposure meant I could come back indoors for more food and and drink!
  4. A single 1648 second shot taken through a Samyang 10mm lens on a modded 1000D from a back garden in Hartington.
  5. Sorry not to be more specific than 10.45pm on 22 July 2019 CE and following the sort of W to E trajectory I would associate with the ISS. I rarely synchronise chronometers when enjoying a summer evening in the garden.
  6. Aha, my wife and I saw this very same thing from our garden in Bucks on Monday night. I speculated that it might be a very recently launched vehicle on its way up to orbit, as there was no way something at the ISS level would be moving so quickly across the sky. Did you think it looked slightly bluer white than, say, the ISS? As it was travelling west to east I did wonder about a supply vessel for the ISS. Or could it have been Chandrayaan?
  7. Just emerging from a performance of Brian Eno’s Apollo soundtracks in the Barbican, I spied the ISS passing overhead. The technology has moved on so much, but the achievement of the Apollo missions is still astounding. Sadly won’t be observing tonight.
  8. I did glance at the road from time to time...
  9. Sadly I was driving most of the evening but as I can down the M1 into Leicestershire I saw the pink crescent rising, and was able to watch it for then next 90 minutes or so as I came through Northants and Bucks, including a brief appearance of the ISS nearby at abou 22.05 and a nice bright Jupiter. Alas, by the time I got home I was too pooped to take any pictures.
  10. A beautiful golden fireball just flickered down to the southern horizon as sees from here in Bucks. Strong orange trail. From about 10 degrees up to the horizon. Anyone else see it?
  11. Thanks for that, Vicky. Yes, they are indeed the ones you sold me and they are in excellent condition - even the little cleaning cloth is still in its wrapper!
  12. I have tried out the world of binoviewers and, after three goes, I think it's not for me, mainly because my left eye is weak. I bought these off here, nearly new, and they are still in excellent condition and with a pair of eyepieces, all original caps, packaging and both a 1.85x nosepiece and a 3x one. Asking for £70 including postage to UK.
  13. They’re a great bit of kit, but I have hardly used mine as I am usually either using lightweight gear to keep mobile, or using a heavy GDPX mount (which rarely sags). So mine is up for sale....
  14. Looking great from here - phone snap for now, will see what the DSLR has produced when I have time later.
  15. We have friends who rent out a small cottage at Nanternis on the coast at the south end of Cardigan bay. Just google Nanternis Cottage. Dark skies for sure, not so sure about hard standing by the house, as the garden is limited.
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