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  1. Astrobug

    irregular star shape-newtonian

    Is your camera bayonet tight? In the past mine was tilting the whole camera. Try to make a picture on the other side of the meridian and see how the star shape change. With a loose bayonet gravity is a real nightmare.
  2. Astrobug

    APT Bahtinov Aid Focus Problems

    I have this problem when the spikes of my secondary are in the same axis as the bahtinov spikes. Maybe you can give it a try to rotate your mask a bit?
  3. Astrobug

    ASI183 new camera - spacing...

    The filters increase the back focus so you need less spacers. 55mm - 0.3 mm. This document gives good information: http://www.qsimaging.com/downloads/QSI-500-600-Series-Back-Focus.pdf
  4. The GPE & GPDEX are great mounts when they came out (and still are). The 1st try to get something better was a real fiasco. Bad electronics and motors on the 1st generation of SXW/SXD. I hope they fixed it now but for me vixen is out of the game. I'm more for "made in europe".
  5. Did they fix the problems with the new line of mounts? I remember the huge problems with the SXW/SXD mounts. Vixen did nothing to fix it and no after sales service at all.
  6. I have a similar problem on mine and also I suspect a tilt on the sensor. When rotating the cam the deformation of the stars stays in the same corner. This was done with threaded connections. A tilt adjuster should solve the problem but this can't be used on a les. Do you feel some play in the bayonet?
  7. Astrobug

    Avalon M Uno vs Astrophysics Mach 1

    The Avalon mounts are made for auto guiding and they are the kings of it.
  8. Astrobug

    ZWO ASI 1600MM-PRO USB 3.0 Mono Camera

    Mine (pro version) works fine over the USB2. On the USB 3 port the computer did not always recognize the powered usb 3 hub. I think it is a driver problem. It is on old computer and the drivers are not updated anymore from the supplier. It is only used for deep sky with APT, so I don't really care. The DDR can handle 1 picture at the time.
  9. Astrobug

    Full frame canon body worth it??

    Most optics don't handle full frame well. Will you buy a new scope to?
  10. Astrobug

    ASI1600mm cool

    Any suggestion for h-alpha 12 nm filter? I was thinking about 120 sec.
  11. Astrobug

    ASI1600mm cool

    The filter is an Astronomik L typ 2C. The ZWO filterwheel is installed with LRGB filter from astronomik (1,25). It will take some time before I will use the other filters. It's a big step forward from the 450D.
  12. Astrobug

    ASI1600mm cool

    This is a test image of my new ASI1600mm pro. Yesterday during a really windy night (the roof was moving without the lock) I did this 5 min single exposure on M45. The distance from the flattener to the sensor is close to be good (i think so). I know the stars are overexposed but I want to know if the sensor looks like it should be. This image is with no darks, flats or anything at the unity gain. The image was done with a TS 480 F6 with a 2.5 flattener on a avalon mount. I come from a 450D so I dont know what I have to expect from the raw data
  13. +1 for the TS triplet. You can't go wrong for the price.
  14. Astrobug

    QHY294c and QHY183m

    Maybe we are confusing with the QHY247M who is a debrayed sensor (on test). I hope we get soon a new APS-C size true mono cam!
  15. Astrobug

    Cooling issues ASI1600 MM-C

    Thats the reason, a peltier need to get his heat away. The fan blow the heat away from the fins. Passive cooling don't do it.

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