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  1. I failed two nights in a row to polar align because I didn't take the dust cap off. It's a right of passage almost.
  2. Thanks for the reply. I should have updated this, I've aquired a iOptron Skyguider Pro from another SGL member recently.
  3. If you do split then I'd be very keen to know the pricing on the wedge and scope and flatener. Out of interest where are you based?
  4. The longest of long shots as I'm aware that this is a highly regarded bit of glass and therefore doesn't come up much but worth a punt.
  5. That's the real challenge though isn't it? Anecdotal evidence by trusted sources is hard to come by now which is why I was hopeful someone on here could chime in. Trustpilot etc are way too easy to bulk up with fake positive reviews. I'm leaning on the "if it's too good to be true" angle on this one. I'll just keep an eye out for a 2nd hand one I think as I don't exactly relish the prospect of taking a punt on £300. Thank for the replies.
  6. I'm really keen to pick up this lens. I've just recently acquired a tracker and I'm not sure if I should throw down on a small scope or go with the lens. I've seen it advertised online via Tecobuy and have noted that it's been purchased by SGL members from there. Has anyone taken the plunge post brexit? Just wondering how the customs situation changes the price (£287 currently which seems silly cheap) Cheers.
  7. Had I not made my monthly purchase already if have taken this off your hands. It's a helladeal. Hope you get a sale. Maybe if it goes back into the cupboard till next month?
  8. No price stated, believe you need to provide that. Opps! Didn't notice it in the title!
  9. Good to know. Slightly off topic, but is there a reason why I'm seeing black bodied versions of this tracker as well as the red version? Just a design choice?
  10. This is exactly why I didn't want to pm you as the last thing I wanted to suggest is that someone is in anyway "dodgy" I accept what you are saying and fully understand the reasoning. However having been burnt previously I have to follow my own code. I wish you well with the sale. Cracking price btw. Kind regards
  11. Hi, Is that set in stone with regards to bank transfer as I'm not really 100% happy with that method of payment? However I may be interested if PayPal were used. I understand that you'll want to clear a certain amount so maybe that would reflect in the price? Interested to know your thoughts. Kind regards
  12. Hi, Having missed out on the recent listing for a Star Adventurer I though I'd put out a feeler for one. Also, hopefully you'll be prepared to ship as I'm currently unable to drive owing to some health conditions. Cheers! No longer required. Thank you.
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