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  1. Vlaiv, your help is spot on thank you.
  2. Can any body help. I'm trying to find/workout the pixel size, width and height (in pixel) of my Canon 800D. I am wanting to sort this out so I can input them in PixInsight system parameters.
  3. Thanks all, I will give the guide scope move ago first before the counter weight. Small weights are so expensive.
  4. LightBucket, thanks. Can you point me the right direction for a weight balance kit. I really don't see another option.
  5. Looking for some advice please. I have just added a DLSR to my WO Z73 (have been using small SX Ultra C before) and I can not get it to balance in DEC to it been so heavy to the back end. Yes move the scope forward on the dove tail bar but then that will foul the focus knob with the locking knobs and also the thumb screw to lock the focus on the under side. Am I missing a trick here?
  6. Stick with it, only with time things will get better. Give me a shout if I can be of any more help.
  7. do you have colour selected in the drop down tab.
  8. yes they are was thinking if this was the problem, if so why?
  9. I have just installed Sharpcap and was out last night taking images of M31 with my Ultrastar C, and now trying to stack in DSS but I keep getting the attached popping up never seen this before. Where have I gone wrong please and can it be sorted out.
  10. Mikey07, I have just installed Sharpcap myself and not had chance to try it out yet. How you getting on and did the guide help you out.
  11. Stu I bought the WO RDF at a later stage and having spent several hours and a return back to the shop to try and work out how to fit it, I finally got there. Image wise please see below, I have yet to get some DSO mainly due to weather, time, bad set up and been a little wet around the ears when it comes to imaging. All in all its a lovely scope and have not look back since as I moved away from my Celestron 8SE (but not forgotten). With the nights drawing in again im thinking of getting a second hand DSLR and giving that a go. What set up are you using and wish you good viewing with your new scope. Lee
  12. Yes as I went through polar alignment first with polestar.
  13. Any help please. While trying to align last night with my AVX mount with the NexStar hand controller, I couldn't get it to go to slew to the first star. It would come up with slewing to Capella which was in the West and it would point in the opposite direction. So I switched off, started again checking time, date and location and again it pointed in the wrong direction. I tried this at least 10 times also switching between daylight saving and standard time just to make sure that the Sun had not got to my head, still with no joy. Do you think it could do with updating!
  14. The reason that I'm so hooked on astronomy was when my now late brother while on holiday in Wales just simple pointed his nature spotter scope through the window of our holiday home and showed me Saturn as simple as that.
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