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  1. The eyepieces from my old 114/900 newton are Huygens and have an "H" printed on them. As they are 0.965 inches, they are useless nonetheless for newer scopes.
  2. teleskop-express.de is a german shop, I just did not realize the N-ED eyepieces are the same as the BST Starguider. But when you look at the images, they really look the same: https://www.teleskop-express.de/shop/product_info.php/info/p4934_TS-Optics-1-25--ED-Eyepiece-8mm---60--Flat-Field---high-contrast.html https://www.firstlightoptics.com/bst-starguider-eyepieces/bst-starguider-60-8mm-ed-eyepiece.html Thank you! Never thought this could be a viable option, but even with shipping, FLO is way cheaper.
  3. Wow, thank you all very much for your detailed replies! When I understand the gist of your replies, I'll probably soon want better eyepieces and diagonals. So I will consider that when choosing a telescope. Tele Vue or Pentax are definitely out of my planned budget, which I should have told you in the beginning. I'll intend to spend about 500 to 1000 Euros, not necessarily all at once. I'd love to grow step by step to better understand what each part of equipment brings. And I'm just looking for visual equipment. (I've already started doing some AP, but for now I just use my DSLR with an old 50mm 1,7 lens and a photo tripod. I'm impressed what's possible with this simple equipment even without any guiding.) BST Starguider are often recommended, but none of the big telescope shops in Germany seem to sell them. And there are even no offers from german Ebay users. The Baader Hyperion get recommended for users with glasses. At least I've seen the recommendation on several occasions now. So, I'll have to calculate about 150 Euro for a decent eyepiece. (Regarding the OTA I'm gonna choose one day: I'm still torn between best performance and portability. But as I have a lot of things to research and to ask, I'll open a dedicated thread later.)
  4. Not quite a beginner here, I used to watch the sky a lot with a 114/900 newton from the department store when I was a teen, more than 30 years ago. Now I want to start again and have to learn a lot of things. My old reflector still works and I recently watched Saturn and Jupiter. With my 10x50 binoculars I found (and watched) the larger DSOs (M31, M45, M13) and Uranus. There's also a Travelscope 70/400 in our household, but the 10mm eyepiece is missing and the mount is crap. I now want to get some new equipment. I'm not sure about the type of telescope yet. But during research I found a lot of reviews and opinions about some typical beginner or mid-range telescopes (OTAs and mounts), but not a lot of information about the oculars (and other accessories) that are often provided with them. Here are some telescopes of different type I'm looking at: Skywatcher Startravel-102 102/500: 10mm and 25mm and an amici prism Celestron 127 mm Maksutov 127/1500: 9mm and 25mm and a star diagonal as well as a red dot finder Orion 203/1200 SkyQuest XT8 Classic: 25mm and a red dot finder Are the oculars coming with these telescopes good, okay, bad or crap? (Let's put the questions about which type of telescope I'll get aside for the sake of this thread, please.) How can I find out how good the provided eye pieces and other accessories of a given package are? Are there any hints or do I have to find reviews of that very package? Are the provided oculars changing often? As in last year this package provided oculars with okay quality but the same package this year contains really bad ones? Are there any brands that typically deliver better oculars than others? (I've already learned that most brands are just selling Synta products nowadays) How much do I have to spend for an ocular that would be a visible improvement over the provided eyepieces? As I have to wear glasses (more than 6 diopters and heavy asigmatism) I think I need oculars with long eye relief. How long should the eye relief of a ocular be at least when I'm watching with glasses? And a bonus question: Let's assume I'll put the 70/400 travelscope on a better mount and tripod. Will a better ocular yield a noticeable improvement? Sorry for all that questions!
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