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  1. So the consensus is definitely a 2” diagonal. Can this stay on the scope when I start imaging ? Don’t have all the gear for imaging at the moment so for the time being it’s just viewing.
  2. Hiya, I have a Celestron Star Bright XLT 9.25” Scope. I have and inch and a quarter Visual back, an inch and a quarter star diagonal and a 40mm plossl also a 20mm eyepiece and a 7mm eyepiece. Struggle with the 7mm as it’s uncomfortable to use. Can anyone suggest some other kit to make viewing easier. I also want brighter clearer views. Maybe asking for everything lol. Just wondered what other kit Would b egos to invest in ? cheers Neil
  3. Thanks lads, I’m going to give it a go and see how I get on with it. Neil
  4. Hiya - how does the sky portal stack up against other software for guiding mounts etc ? How do you find it ?
  5. Hit, anyone use this to set up their scope and move around the sky ? I got this item with my scope and have seen that it can be used with an iPhone or iPad and I don’t own a windows computer. I have also downloaded KStars, but looks complicated. any help would be massively appreciated. cheers Neil
  6. Just want people’s opinions before I splash out any cash. I have an astrozap dew shield but don’t know whether to just get a strap OR a heated dew shield and a controller box ? I have a 9.25 SCT XLT Starbright cheers Neil
  7. Wonder if someone can answer this - are 2” filters mor commonly used with DSLR’s than cmos / ccd camera’s ?
  8. Thank the Lord, thought I was just being a bit of a Div ! !
  9. Hiya, I just gotta know - I have an Celestron SCT 9.25 XLT scope. I have just added a f / 6.3 recently and have a 25mm eyepiece. Now this is one of those questions that if you don’t know you don’t know. Now lol . . . . A hell of of a lot of the stuff I slew to I cannot see. Especially nebulae, I can see smudges that I get excited about ie The Andromeda Galaxy. But Bodes and the Pinwheel there’s pretty much nothing there along with a host of M numbers and NGC numbers. is this normal ? Are some of these targets only visible with the correct filters ? something dumb but I just don’t know if
  10. I will be going down the back garden route. My area is a 6 on the Bortle scale.
  11. Hiya, I’ve just purchased a manual 5 filter - filter wheel. I know I need as a minimum r,g,b and maybe l. What make as there’s a few out there ? What make do people use ? I have been looking at baader ones. Any help would be appreciated. Cheers Neil
  12. Hiya, just want to see what people think of this little camera to use as a guide camera in an off axis guider ? Is it any good ? Any bad points ? Won’t be using this as an image camera - solely as a guide camera thanks Neil
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