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  1. Thanks for the help - There’s a hell of a lot of bits on there - what items would I need to make it functional ? ?
  2. Hiya, found the filter wheel for a bargain price brand new, but what other ways are there to add filters to the camera train ? ? I think I’ve seen a filter holder that holds one filter at a time ? ? thanks Neil
  3. Lol, thanks Olly, see the post above , I have been busy lol
  4. Hiya, thanks for all the info above. I’ve seen the video before but thanks for locating it for me again to watch. I’ve been debating the guidescope / OAG for a bit now. I believe the guidescope has been discontinued ? ? Not sure if that’s true. I can get one from a shop online for £99. But then I’d need to buy a dovetail ( got to be the orange one ) another £40/50. So I literally just bought the OAG lol.
  5. I have already bought the f6.3 focal reducer. I’m unsure as yet whether to get the OAG or a guidescope. I’m just going to take it slowly and research the bits before I buy them. Thanks for your advice and thoughts, I enjoy my scope and even though you may be right about the points you make, I am going to go through the journey and see where it may take me. . . . . many thanks Neil
  6. Hiya Louise OR anyone else, what will the focal reducer bring to the table ? Also if I had a hyperstar would I need this then as a corrector / flattener ? Neil
  7. Are there any negatives to using an OAG ? It does use some light from the main scope so does that pose a problem ? Are there any other problems it does cause or any other negatives ? cheers Neil
  8. Hiya - thanks for that, must admit I’ve never heard of a helical focuser before ! ! But being new to the hobby I’ll forgive myself lol. many thanks for the help Neil
  9. Cheers for that, still haven’t made my mind up. I know that the OAG is tougher to set up but I like the idea of it.
  10. Hiya Dave - I’m in Herne bay. I’m happy to fiddle with the off axis guider. I just am unsure of the benefits of each ? I Understand that with an off axis guider it uses the whole aperture off the main scope to pull in light, that’s gotta be a good thing right ? Cheers Neil
  11. I’ve found a Celestron Off Axis Guider. So am looking at that now. Seems it may be a bit fiddly trying to get the same focus, but I’m sure it’s somethkng I can work with. Didn’t realise I needed one. Now I do
  12. I found one of these - anyone know if it’s worth getting ? Is it any good ? Giant Easy Guider SCT Fit with built in focal reducer - Meade Thanks
  13. Hiya, I also live in Kent - just wanted to say hi as it’s daunting being the new kid lol. Like you I To am learning slowly. So you are not the only one. Neil
  14. Thanks for the advice, don’t know a hell of a lot about them. What’s the downsides ? Are there any ? And what do you look for in a decent one ? Thanks Neil
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