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  1. Hi,

    What is the price for the C11, sorry if I have missed it in the advert, I am on my mobile. :-)



    1. Hairycamel


      Hi Stephen,

      lim looking for about £1600 including the Hyperstar and a nice wheeled flight case.


  2. There's a Meade one on Astro Buy Sell at the moment for £250. Bit of a bargain as the cheapest ones usually go for £300.
  3. Hi FiB from across the mountains in Llanfairfechan! Fantastic skies in the Bala area- lucky chap. I have recently purchased a set of Olympus DPS-1 binos (10 x 50) and they are generally considered a good starter. I'm very pleased with mine and they are about £45 on Amazon. Welcome!
  4. Greetings from North Wales. I have fond memories of North Carolina and the time I spent by the John C Campbell folk school near to Murphy. I remember nice dark skies!!
  5. I completely agree about the C11; the planetary views are outstanding and the week before last I managed a quick look at the moon down the terminator and you could have reached into the craters - fantastic. I too had focus problems when I tried my WO binoviewers on a Megrez 110 that I used to own, but now it's sold. Apparently, if you go to Siebert Optics, you can buy an optical corrector that will allow binoviewer focus with any scope for $149. Not tried it myself but an interesting thought nontheless......
  6. I use a bathtowel bungeed around the EQ6 head before I place the scope coat over the lot. My thinking is that the towel will absorb any stray moisture that is around (if any). It's been out there all winter with no issues at all, so all seems to be working!
  7. I dont know how you found Saturn in the first place. I'm just down the road in Llanfairfechan and it's just a cloudy windy mess here.......
  8. Hi Ben, I'm in LLanfairfechan so quite close and have got a planetary imaging setup so feel free to contact me if you want to have a look while you make your mind up!
  9. Here's my first ever DSO from last night of M51. I took 10 subs of 2 minutes each at ISO 1600 but only 1 was useable as the rest had star trails which I think was down to a gusty wind. Anyway, here is my single sub with no processing. It's all plain sailing from here!
  10. NIce! Be careful it doesn't pick on the small one......
  11. There are new 1100D's to be had on Ebay with warranty (body only) for about £200.
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