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  1. really not sure......... :( .......

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    2. tingting44


      i know tell me about it...... what lenses have you got now? i remember you getting the 70-200L a little while back, did you go for the f2.8 version?

    3. hobsey


      No but I wanted to it's just a lot of money.

      I could have got the non IS 2.8 but my hands aren't that steady.

    4. tingting44


      yes the 2.8 is a hell of a lot of money with IS, but at that focal length the IS is a MUST isnt it, no way im the kind of imager to shoot with a non IS lens, u still going to get the 70-200L then, you thought about the 100-400L, im really liking that lens, i was speaking to a guy who had one at an air show a few months ago and my mouth was just drewling looking at it lol

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