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  1. Hello and Welcome from me too. This is a great forum and I've met so good folks here. I lived in Los Angeles from the 1950's through the mid 1980's and was the construction superintendent for installation of the piers and small building housing the Interferometer on Mt. Wilson. I remember a detail on the plans showing the instrument, and noticed the entrance door specified on the building appeared too small for clearance, so I brought it to the attention of the user and he said "we can turn the instrument on its side and carry it through". I asked to see the instrument which was on site in another building, and it was mounted on about a 4' x 8' x 5" thick slab of alloy, which I'm confident weighed about a couple of tons; so a couple of guys were not going to be able to lift it and carry it through, lol. Thought you might appreciate this bit of trivial information.
  2. So is everything else because of import tax and shipping.
  3. This is the book you are looking for................." Discover The Moon ". Night by night, 14 guided observing sessions based on the Moon's phases showing the most interesting lunar features. The left hand pages show the view as seen through refracting or catadioptric telescopes, and the right hand pages shows what the views look like through a newtonion or dob scope. Edit: ISBN 0 521 53555 7 142 Pages.
  4. Google > " McMastar Carr " . Their industrial catalogue has just about anything you can think of, and then some.
  5. If you might be interested ? We have a 5 inch Intes-Micro Alter M500 which has had little use and is in excelent condition. I purchased it from the Widescreen Centre to use here in the UK while our Questar was being built . Here's a photo of it with accessories on one of our mounts. .
  6. Acquired a bit of Unobtainium ! A bespoke Hybrid Quick Change Adapter, for our Zeiss Telementor.
  7. For me it couldn't be one object, it would be to view the entire sky from the Island of Tristan Da Cunha in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean; possibly the darkest sky location on the planet.
  8. Found a lost photo of my Sears 6339-A , which is at the North entrance of my barn overseas one night. Its now here Wales, being cared for by a good friend. .
  9. Hello, and Welcome to the forum from across the pond ! Nice photos.
  10. We have two, a Half / Hitch Mk-2 with Sky Commander which is the preferred mount for our Intes-Micro M-500, and a versatile Zeiss equatorial T-Mount which quickly adjusts to Alt-Azimuth configuration. .
  11. Both last night and tonight showed clear skies through the night here at home, but Venus disappeared into the clouds as my scope came to ambient.
  12. Yeee Haaa, been waiting for ages. Finally a clear night in my neck of the woods; yes, playing tonight.
  13. I have it penciled in also, and wishing clear skies and a Happy New Year to everyone.
  14. Interesting ! Thanks for posting.
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