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  1. Haha nice, I'll think of this setup when I'm cold tonight knowing some people have it far colder than me
  2. Last time I went out, it started to freeze a little at the end and some of the equipment had some frost on it. Should I clean all the equipment (eyepieces, barlows, etc) afterwards or just leave it be?
  3. Thanks a lot for the fast answers! I'll make sure to take more care for my own warmth then the telescope's/ That a good pointer, don't exhale into eyepieces, finders, camera, etc.
  4. Quick question: What is the lowest temperature before equipment starts freezing up beyond the point that you can't use it anymore? Tonight it will be around minus 5 degrees, can I still go out or will it be hopeless? Thanks a lot in advance!
  5. Hey guys and girls!! I have had my first go at imaging last week and had loads of fun. The results I do not dare show here (only to family who don't understand it, haha) since I didn't got the scope aligned, but I am very motivated to get good at this. I use a celestron c6 ngt goto and a nikon d50 at prime focus. Since we don't get clear skies often and I'm often busy, I need to make my fieldtrips count. Should I invest in better equipment (polarfinder, autoguiding, etc) or keep trying? Can I get my cg5 mount properly aligned for good, 30 sec shots without investing? So.... try or buy? Thanks a lot in advance.
  6. Hehe same here:) was amazing. As mentioned before, also take a look at m45, with a low magnification its sublime!
  7. Very interesting topic and comments guys! Yesterday I had my first crack at AP and found it difficult but very rewarding. My (very) humble two cents: buy things step by step, I've bought a lot at once and you'll need time and many clear skies to get to known your mount, scope, etc... goodluck with your new hobby!
  8. Hey Johnny, we have a similar setup, I wonder if you ever got to use a barlow on your c6. I also really like to use the t2 feature of the c6, but would also like to try doubling or even tripling my 26 x magnification...
  9. Hello everyone! I've read countless of threads on stargazers lounge when looking for my first telescope and decided to join now I have it. I have been stargazing since I was a kid with just my eyes and some binoculars, and can't wait to try out my 6 inch celestron newtonian on the cg5 goto mount. As I've read here many times before: Clear skies to you all! Kind regards from Holland!
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