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  1. For gradients AstroPixelProcessor.
  2. Great! Nice, soft colors.
  3. Hello 3months, no weather, onlu around 20h exp. 30x1200 Ha , 30x1200 OIII. QHY695A, Chroma's filters, Ioptron CEM60-EC, TS APO100Q FULL AT ASTROBIN
  4. Hi. In some QHY camera are two ports TRIG: in and out. In manual is: "Trigger ports There are a trigger-in port (left) and trigger-out port (right). Trigger-in port is a pulse input port. The camera does not start exposure until it receives a pulse from its trigger-in port. Trigger-out port output a indicative signal during the exposure cycle. These two ports use optocoupler. If you want to use these two ports, you can consult QHYCCD for detail method for electric connection." I trying to create twin setup based on QHY695A cameras. Anyone in this for
  5. I just a litte bit release front ring. much more better! Canon1100D.
  6. How much I shoud release those screws? 1/4 or 1/8turn? Any idea?
  7. thanks. Can You tell me which screw ? Where are they?
  8. Hi. Few days ago I bought new WO RedCat. First light was with Canon1100d. Only 10minutes between clouds. At testing frames I see some strange black strips on stars. What is it? center of frame I checked colimatnion on artificial star 25um, 15m from cat. Its looks correct - all corners and center are similar. 1/8s exp, ISO800 No weather for more stars test
  9. Hi Eweryone Weather conditions in Poland are awful. I tried create SHO composition, but..... Only one clear night and 7h exposition without Moon gives me RGB photo IC 1805 / Melotte 15. Ioptron CEM60-EC, TS APO100Q, QHY695A, Chroma's filters. 7h RGB, Ha 3x900s, OIII 3x900s. FULL Astrobin https://www.astrobin.com/2nj2wx/
  10. Thanks all! That was hard object to processing. soft RGB data 3x30x300s very tiny hydrogen fiber, nothing spectacular, but in NB...... look at above
  11. Hi. full ASTROBIN CTB1 is very cool and medium dim SNR G116.9+00.1 in Casiopea. Below I caught 58h in Ha, OIII and RGB 70x1200s Ha 80x1200s OIII RGB average 8h QHY695A, Ioptron CEM60-EC, TS APO100Q Have a nice trip through the photo Tom
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