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  1. Thanks for the advice. As I feel not very pro yet, and the issues you mention are there, I’ve decided on the easier esprit 100 ED with mono cam. It’s less of a beast, for good and bad. In the future I’ll get myself an 8 inch rasa (the 11 inch is too heavy for my eq6R pro)
  2. Another vote for the Esprit, I’ve done quite a bit of research as I was in doubt between the WO and Esprit. In the end there is little between them, but I went for the Esprit 100 because it seems to rival the Taks for a fraction of the price. Let me know if you go for the Esprit 80 as I have a brand new, unused field flattener for it laying around.
  3. Thanks for sharing your journey, and a warm welcome from Denmark ?
  4. Wow, a CGX mount, that's some serious hardware. Would you recommend the RASA if used mainly for mono imaging?
  5. Hi SGL, I've been imaging with a Newton 8" on a EQ6-R Pro for quite a while now, using a OSC, the 6 megapixel QHY8L. Here are some results, just for you to see where my level is at (and we always like to share our work anyway eh?!) I'm taking the next steps in this wonderful (and sometimes frustrating) hobby. The budget is around 4000 dollar/pound. The need: I have developed a special interest in nebula and wider field targets (like Horsehead, Heart/Soul, Rosetta, M42, M45, larger clusters, etc) I want to up my game, by getting more and finer detail in my images and don't like the collimation process too much to be honest I would like more control over the colors and being able to, for example, pull out more detail on Ha, OIII and SII spectra. Also I'd like to play with the Hubble palette Easier guiding by reducing focal length Therefore, I've decided to get an APO refractor for the first time, in the range of 400-600 mm (to complement my 1000mm Newt). To keep a good pixel size and do narrowband imaging, I also need a new camera, and I'm kinda set on a mono CMOS, the QHY163M with 36mm filterwheel with LRGB, Ha, OIII and SII filters. That's 2000 dollar/pound spend. As for the scope, I thought, why not get the best of the bunch within the 2000 dollar/pound price range: the F5.5 Esprit 100ED? I've been pretty much set on this beauty and have already placed a pre-order. BUT, then I saw this review by Astrobackyard on an interesting new scope, the RASA 8", which is 400mm at F2!!!! His review was very positive (like most of his reviews to be honest) and I was blown away by the speed. I live in Denmark and getting long subs in is sometimes a problem with clouds and fog/dew, but then again, I'm not in a rush with this hobby to be honest. The price is similar, but the light gathering of the RASA is so much better on paper. I know there is some tricky focusing because of the speed, and you can't attach a filter wheel, but using 60sec subs instead of 10 minutes ones more than compensates for this and you can do mono with a filter drawer right? The thing is however, I can't find really amazing images from this scope (or it's bigger brother the 11") on astrobin, while the Esprit 100ED comes up with a lot of pretty, fine detail images; the stuff I'm after. Ease of use also is a big deal for me, I love fiddling around during the day and home, not in the field. It's a first world problem, but what would you do in my situation? (btw, I'm not interested in using the new scope for visual btw)
  6. Hi! Very interesting thread. Just curious, are you still happy with your RASA?
  7. Hi! Thanks for all your tips! That website link is exactly what I was looking for. Great stuff. It’s difficult for me to dig these things up being English speaker (but once I’ve found the correct page I can google translate it off course). I’ll let you know once I have more concrete plans. Looking forward to the dark skies, good weather and sangria.
  8. Hi and welcome! Don't do it!! It's a money pit. And also the best thing ever at the same time
  9. Welkom Erik! Hopelijk kan je veel leren en tegelijk plezier beleven aan deze geweldige hobby! Hopefully you'll learn a lot and enjoy this great hobby at the same time
  10. Welcome! Tenerife, omg your skies must be amazing. That astro apartment sounds awesome! I might hire that one day
  11. Hi Carballade, your setup is impressive and your images are stunning!! ? Well done I'm actually thinking of doing an astrophotography holiday this summer in Spain for 2 or 3 weeks. I'm living in Denmark and I have all this nice equipment, but quite bad weather and skies. I want to combine it with seeing some culture and relaxing at the costa off course, so the region of Barcelona has my interest. Do you have any tips on where to go (I'm thinking to have a holiday house where I can set up my equipment or just do nightly adventures) or do you know anybody / local astronomers group (maybe yourself even?) who may want to join for some imaging nights? Adios! Jonathan
  12. Haha yeah I saw his video too. Most of us have to save up to get a mount like this. A once in 5 year purchase (for me at least). He has a HEQ5 and a CEM60 standing, AND now an EQ6R Pro as well for free. Life isn’t fair eh? btw, would it be fun for this owners club to meet up one day? If night preferably....
  13. I believe to have finally solved the issue. A broken st4 guide cable!! Got a new 6 pound cable and all seems fine (last night at least). Let’s hope that was the issue!! so sorry for all your trouble, but I did learn a lot again and now have a very nicely balanced setup!
  14. Hi! I just stumbled upon this thread. Very interesting read. I imaged Pacman nebula three nights ago under a full moon with a OSC ccd and a CLS filter. It isn’t great but certainly my best pic of Pacman ever (because it’s my first, hihi)
  15. Hello back from Denmark!!
  16. Hi all, Thanks to Louise, I think I have found the problem. By removing the star diagonal, the problem seems fixed! The seeing is quite bad as it's hazy, but guiding, with the balanced Newtonian and st80 works fine now in western direction. My PA also is a lot better I guess. This hobby is tough eh? But I'm glad I know it's not a problem in the mount or software, just my own incompetence. hihi. And with all your tips and help, I've never seen such a nice flat guide curve before! SGL rocks and I will do my best to return the favor by helping others on this forum Just look at that bullseye! Guiding assistant says PA is pretty good!
  17. I judged too soon My apologies. I still wouldn't do it because of stubborness and my OCD, but glad you can be off help to Olli
  18. They are waterproof, but I bet moisture will still come into the mount and scope right? For moisture to stay out, it needs to stay heated somehow. Over the years, there is no sign of corrosion or anything?
  19. It's a challenging first setup you are desciribing. But, in my humble opinion, astronomy gets really fun when you take pictures. A goto system is also very handy and I wouldn't go back. How about a HEQ5 mount or something? Or an iOptron 30 or even 45? You can put a nice f5-6 80-90mm ED refractor on it for moon+planets, visual and some wider field (relatively!) astrophotography. Tracking and guiding is also less critical (as I'm currently finding out with a eq6 and a f5 8 inch newton... argh!!). That's what I would tell myself if I could travel back in time 10 years, haha.
  20. I have no experience doing this, but it sounds like a really bad plan. Unless everything inside is stainless steel (which it isn't), it's going to degrade. I vote NO ?
  21. Hmmm. I’ll see what I can do to balance it even better then ? 1. What is wrong with the guide cam in th star diagonal? 2. With balacing vertically, do you mean around the green axis in image below? So rotating the Newton inside the rings basically.... Like this: I hope I don’t need to open up the mount to mess with the belt drives, it’s brand new. I’d rather send it back to the supplier. My plan for tonight: 1. Only put the st80 guidescope on the mount, leave the Newton off, just to make sure it's not a mount / guide signal related problem 2. Once I can guide in all directions, I'll set up the newton, balance it in 3 axis, and I'll try to guide with my small 50mm guidescope instead of the 80mm 3. I’ll try using the suggested settings after guiding assistant 4. Run star cross and open star profile.
  22. Hi guys and gals, Unfortunately the problem is still there! I'm getting hopeless really. ? I've tried all your tips.: - It's not meridian flip related, this is the second night I only looked west, calibrated west and 'guided' west. - I've got rid of the wobble in Dec by adjusting the tiny screws on the mount, but this didnt resolve the problem. - It's not a dec balance issue: I've tried balancing Dec multiple times, a bit forward heavy, balanced, balanced when vertical, a bit rear heavy. It does not make a difference - I have reset all PHD2 settings, increased and decreased the aggresiveness, Mx Dec, Hysteris. Here is the same graph I get every time: The point where it goes back to 0 is where I stop guiding for a sec and restart: - It's only pointing west that is the problem. Pointing east guiding works, although I got this message: But after, the guiding works ok (the seeing is horrible, but at least no dec running away). I've run out of options. The last thing I will try is connecting the mount to eqmod and pulse guiding through ascom, although I dont see why it should make a difference and have never tried this before. ? Here are some images of my setup, maybe you can see a mayor flaw?
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