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    10" Skywatcher Dobson, 5" self made reflector on EQ mount, Orion ST 80A, SW 130 PDS, SP 25mm, 12.5mm, Plossl 10mm, 7.5mm, Ultrawide 6mm, 2x Barlow, Baader Solar filter, Orion Laser Collimator, Neq6 (version 4), Zap gun, Canon 1200D, Datyson T7M Guide cam
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  1. One word for this pic --- Awesome !!
  2. I always wanted to do NGC 1273. This one has come up nice without tracking. What was the equipment used ?
  3. I consider a dob to be an astronomers best friend for the sheer leverage we get in terms of setting it up and of course the aperture. Even if you get a computerized mount my friend, polar alignment, star alignment etc; will come as added baggage to your hobby. Go slow to enjoy this hobby to its fullest. I have owned a dob for many years and believe me, the 8'' you have will show you some extremely pleasing views.....depending upon how dark your skies are. My 10'' dob gives outstanding results when I view from bortle 2 skies. Best of luck with your new hobby.
  4. awesome. well shot.
  5. Thanks a ton. Watch the match....ICC World cup...heading to unbelievable finish...
  6. Good evening. Shown below is photo of Andromeda Galaxy I shot last year. Near the core of its satellite galaxy M110, I have marked a star. I was unable to identify this star. Would help if some one can tell if its a foreground star. I have searched the net to see some more pics of M110. This star seems to be there in some photos whereas in some pics its not seen.
  7. Hi. I am new to planetary imaging especially using softwares like PIPP, Autostakkert, Registax etc. Yesterday I took a video of Jupiter. Processed in PIPP and then Autostakkert. Later imported the TIFF file to Registax but was unable to pull out any detail on Jupiter. Attached is the image after Autostakkert converted to TIFF. Is this of any value ? Or should I trash it ? JUPITERMVI_0732_pipp_ulrg_g4_ap36.tif
  8. Hi YASH. Welcome to this wonderful forum.
  9. Lovely ! Is that the central star...that can be seen in the pic?
  10. I dont know much about AZ mounts. But is your polar alignment perfect? If the problem increases with exposure time, maybe its to do something with the polar alignment OR balancing..
  11. Beautiful. Wonder what creates that halo around m51.
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