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  1. Thank you I'm hoping to get a much one soon if and when my new guiding setup turns up. Could be while with the world in it's present state of chaos. The scope is a Williams optics megrez 72 had a few quite a years now it's lovely little things.
  2. The results. Not the best image I know but I have a new guiding system on the way so I will be having another go on the next clear night.
  3. I fell out love with astrophotography a while ago and had stored all of my gear away and not looked at or touched it in about 4 years. But last week whilst clearing out the rubbish from various hard drives I stubbled across some old capture data of M13. I decided what the heck let's process it and see what I can do these days knowing a little more about editing. It went very well and I can now say I have the bug again. So I'm currently sat out in my garden capturing as much data as I can tonight from M101. After many issues getting the rig going again after so long. I have the whole thing running of a raspberry pi. So far it's going well other than my guide camera not playing ball so I'm risking it and going unguided.
  4. F137CHA


    I was digging through an old hard found and found some old imaging data these pictures have been uploaded before buy I decided to rework the data again as i have more of idea what i'm doing these days. enjoy!!
  5. It was in the video I took. I was watching back the footage at x16 speed and saw something flash across the screen I couldn't belive my eyes when I hit rewind and watched it at normal speed
  6. I know what you mean yea. Just sorting the video out now and I spotted this little gem.
  7. I've managed to repair half of my data so I have from totality to the end. So it's not all that bad. Also my first ever solar astronomy I quite like it actually it's warmer
  8. I've had an issue with my data, it's corrupted I really dislike Windows sometimes. But I did to see it all so it's not all that bad
  9. Thanks for the input, I tried to do a simular thing to you with my old eq5. This is only a trail to see if I can do it before I go ahead and build my own mount. I will get the circuit made up properly on a bit of veroboard so I can bring it along to the next meeting.
  10. decided that setting up my heq5 every time for some wide field photography with an dslr was taking to long. I have now repurposeed an old EQ1 and turn it into a quick and simple tracking mount. Now I know I could just buy the tracking motor and be done with it but I wanted a bit of a challenge, so I decided to do all the electronics and drive hardware. With the intention of building my own mount from scratch eventually. so my prototype is now complette using stuff I had laying around from other projects that I no longer have a use for. I'm am using an Arduino for all of the control, a nema17 200 step stepper motor, an L293D h-bridge for the stepper driver and a 40:1 gearbox I found on eBay for £3. So it's now all setup and all my calculations are done so now all I need is a clear night so I can test it properly.
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