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  1. That didn’t work for me but I now have a new message, Not Initialised. So I have something to work with now. Thanks Shaun
  2. Thanks will be trying that right now.
  3. Looking great. Where did you source those black counterweights from?
  4. Hi Mike, Did you get this resolved, if so would you mind sharing what fixed it? I just fired up my new Mesu and having the exact same problem. I’m in the Southern Hemisphere for what it’s worth. Thanks shaun
  5. I’m about to buy this camera so doing some research. Are you happy with the QHY294M and were your initial problems due to lack of computer power? Thanks Shaun
  6. My mount has finally arrived. I have assembled it now for the software setup. I travel for the holiday from tomorrow so with only be able to set up in the new year. In the meantime I am asking around to do setup as I have zero experience with SciTech and it does look a little daunting.
  7. After what felt like a decade my Mesu e200 was finally delivered. It is such a beautiful piece of machinery, no frills just pure functionality. I had the counter weights manufactured locally and completed the mechanical assembly, pretty straight forward. Thanks to @Jonk, https://stargazerslounge.com/profile/37161-jonk/ for providing me with the dimensions for a 16,5kg counterweight in stainless steel. I downloaded and installed SciTech.exe plus the other bits of software to make it work. The only thing I’m still uncertain about is Carte du Ciel. I’m used to Stallerium for my Skywatcher an
  8. I dream of this level of guiding, it’s superb. I’d like to see more detailed pics of your side by side configuration if you ever find the time. Well done on your installation. I was wondering about this very issue, once I made a rough model by holding a batinov mask at an angle and rotating it, it made perfect sense to me. I think it’s wonderfully simplistic and will ensure rigidity. I plan to use mine for semi portable use on a tripod as I don’t have an observatory. I would move my setup when there’s inclement weather so I would have to setup at least a few times a year. I’m thinking
  9. Thanks, very useful information. I also just noticed that there is a big difference on the pier attachment. I am puzzled by the Azimuth adjustment. Do you know how fine adjustments to the Azimuth is done,?
  10. @Xsubmariner I love your mount and thanks for sharing this. I hit the BUY button today and ordered my Mesu e200. I am reading up and checking out the mout to work out how Lucas saved all the weight and it obviously comes from the pier attachment arrangement. I understand how one does the Lat adjustments by adjusting the bolts but I would like to know how do you fine adjust the Azimuth. I cannot see any way to adjust the Az. I ordered the tripod as I need to move my setup occasionally so easy fuss free adjustments are important for me.
  11. I’m about to order but was told that there’s a 10 week lead time. I don’t know how I’m going to contain myself once I hit the BUY button
  12. Hi Gary, I realise this is very old but I’m having exactly the same problem with my Star Sense for SkyWatcher. Did you resolve the issue or have you abandoned it? Thanks Shaun
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