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  1. Yeah that was the cable I mentioned above in the link but like you and waldemar said, his link above would be to make the controller and its lead obsolete. I think
  2. Cheers guys, starting to make sence Any pros or cons in keeping the controller or not? Thanks again Mike
  3. https://www.firstlightoptics.com/sky-watcher-mount-accessories/lynx-astro-ftdi-usb-to-serial-adapter-for-sky-watcher-handsets-5m.html This is on flo, would this be it?
  4. It's the synscan goto, I take it, it goes from bottom of handset to laptop?
  5. Hi, looking for advice and suggestions for correct cable for guiding using ascom instead of the mount to guide camera st4 cable. Set up is eq5 goto, asi120mini, laptop has 2x 3.1 and 1x 2.0 USB ports. Cheers Mike
  6. Worrying about nothing..lol. but surely this lens hasn't been put in correctly for it to be flipped and up side down is pretty poor from SW.
  7. Lol..mines back to front and upside down, see my image above.
  8. Helpfull thread's fozzy but again this is for aligning the polar scope, I need to do this as it should be done only once if done correctly?
  9. Yeah I understand the polar alignment method it's the reticle issue I'm try to resolve.
  10. Thanks again jiggy, do you know why the PS face is wrong on mine! , other posts are saying it should be 0 at the top because the synscan works with the polar scope that way. If that makes sense. Can I take it apart and put it the correct way or is this a manufacturing fault.
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