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  1. Thanks for the warm welcome folks
  2. Hello everyone. Astronomy has been an itch at the back of my mind for years if not decades but had always kinda felt slightly out of reach. I've spent a few months on here reading and learning and can now point a SW Heritage 150p at the night sky. The cloud belts on Jupiter, Saturns rings, and a slight smudge in the sky that has taken two and a half million years to fall into my eye have all started to ease that itch and the fact I still have much more to learn and discover is so exciting. I was surfing across Cygnus through my light polluted Croydon sky a couple of nights ago and POW!!!... two stars next to each other - one electric blue, the other bright gold. Utterly stunning, completely stopped me in my tracks and later had me googling to find out what they were. So thank you, not only for contributors expertise but also the generosity of posters time to help and introduce newbies to this hobby and create content and discussions on here. This place really is a lovely corner of the internet. Wes.
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