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  1. Nice! The weird colour is caused by Saharan dust transported north by ex-Hurricane Ophelia, by the way... :-)
  2. Hi. My AZ4 has the heavy, round steel legs. I think it's sometimes called the AZ4-2, distinct from the AZ4-1 which has the lightweight aluminium legs (same as the AZ3 I think, and similar to my Porta II). The steel legs on the AZ4-2 look the same as those on the the EQ5. Hope that helps!
  3. I haven't tried that yet, but yes it would be worth a try! Not sure if they're compatible, but I'll have a look. Thanks.
  4. Yes, I did adjust the altitude tightness as loosely as I could without the scope starting to slip. I'll see how it goes over the next few weeks.
  5. Yes, the tripod is also new - the AZ4 comes with a pretty heavy steel tripod, much better than the aluminium legs of the Porta II. To be fair to the Porta, the mount itself is nice, it's really the lightweight legs that are the problem.
  6. I've been using an ST102 f/5 refractor on a Vixen Porta II mount for a couple of years now as a grab and go. Nice and light, but the incessant vibration at high magnifications was driving me mad, particularly for planetary viewing. Last week I was attempting to observe Saturn at 100x and the vibration just wiped out all the detail. So, I decided to "upgrade" to the heavier AZ4 (I say "upgrade" in quotes, as the AZ4 is actually a cheaper mount and lacks the slo-mo controls). Well, I'm pleased to report that the difference is tremendous. The AZ4 is solid as a rock, and there is no hint of v
  7. I bought my 10" Dob just over a year ago with the hope that I might interest my daughter (then nearly 5 years old) in the wonders of the universe. Well, apart from a few seconds looking at the moon last December she showed no real interest. This evening was the first clear slot for what feels like weeks (just a couple of hours) and I decided to get the telescope out before bedtime. To my delight, this time she was keen to come out and have a look with me and we spent an enjoyable half hour or so looking at some of the sights. I showed her the clusters M36 and M37 in Auriga, the Double Cluster,
  8. Funnily enough both mine fell out the other night when I dismantled the scope in the cold. Luckily I found them. After that experience I glued them in place so it won't happen again! I hope you manage to find replacements. Sorry I can't help with a source, but as Julian says, try Optical Vision, Astroboot or maybe FLO.
  9. I use the X-Cel LX in an f/5 reflector, and find it very good. A huge improvement over the 25mm BST, that's for sure. Hope that helps!
  10. My first serious attempts at imaging Jupiter with the ZWO ASI120MC camera on my 127 Mak. Jupiter with Europa and Io: Jupiter with a Revelation 2.5x Barlow:
  11. Thanks for the input. Good point about the imaging FoV, I hadn't considered that. I only have a micro 4/3 camera at the moment, which is slightly smaller than APS-C so won't quite capture the full disc with the Mak. In other respects, though, the Mak sounds like a better option.
  12. I'm interested in dipping my toe into white light solar using Baader solar film. I'll probably buy one of the ready made Astrozap full aperture filters sold by FLO. I have a Startravel 102 f/5 refractor and a 127mm f/12 Maksutov. I was wondering which would be the preferred option for white light solar? As I'm thinking of buying a ready made filter I need to choose which scope to use so that I get the right size. Thanks for any opinions!
  13. Geoptik Variable Artificial Star. Designed for collimating telescopes - also useful on cloudy nights for reminding you what stars used to look like! This is the one: http://www.geoptik.com/index.php?route=product/product&path=95&product_id=75 Used only once, hence in "as new" condition. Includes 9V battery, original box and instructions, all perfect. Originally cost £71.99 from RVO. Will accept £50 including postage. Payment by PayPal or Bank Transfer (preferred). Thanks! Ed
  14. Nice report. Solar viewing sounds fascinating. I'd love a H-alpha scope myself some day.
  15. Yes, dreadful conditions down here the last couple of nights - thin ice cloud and jetstream turbulence messing everything up. Pity, as I was keen to try out my new ZWO camera on Jupiter. Oh well, good to hear some people were getting a decent view!
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