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  1. Hope I am in right place I am considering an auto focuser for the above scope and have been looking at the ZWO Electronic Automatic Focuser https://www.firstlightoptics.com/zwo-accessories/zwo-electronic-automatic-focuser-eaf.html Does anyone have experience of using this? is it compatible with the scope? or are there any more suitable alternatives. Thank you
  2. Hi David That is correct, it was probably something simple I was missing. I have given up on APT, at least for now. I have now found NINA and have invested my time into working with NINA and find so far I am getting on with this software, so for now that is the way I am proceeding. Just waiting on clear sky, and the delivery of my new equipment.
  3. I want to do a test on this software to platesolve an image I took a wile back but cant seam to find a way to import it to APT can anyone advise. This is to test it out. Thanks
  4. Thanks for the input will try things out as mentioned as soon as I get the chance (long weekend off this weekend so maybe a chance for some clear sky) I have it in my head that William and Sandy may have the solution I am looking for, fingers crossed. Thanks p.s the camera is the PD COLOUR VIDEO CAMERA http://www.astrophoto.co.uk/cameras.htm
  5. Progress is slow on my road to Video Astronomy. I have a Phil Dyer camera and have now purchased a flip mirror. The weather and work mean I have had little time to try the setup out. The other night I was able to get out for a very short time before the clouds came to assist me in my setup (they mean well), I found that when I had my eyepiece in focus the camera was not all that far out, but when I got the camera in focus I was not able to get the eyepiece back in focus as it wanted the adjuster on the diagonal turning in and there was no adjustment left. This is the set up Celestron Nexstar 1
  6. Thanks for the feedback will take it all on board and try what you have all suggested. Thanks
  7. Last night (well early this morning) I had my first chance to get out with my new PD cam. I know now that I am on a steep learning curve and I am taking note of all the wise people here say, the flip mirror will be ordered later today. I was fortunate to have an excellent view of Jupiter and managed to get a couple short videos and a few stills. I have run the video through RegiStax and this is the result. I am curious for any input, I was expecting to get more detail than just a white disk, and maybe I have something amiss. Set up used was a Celeron NexStar 127 SLT and Phil Dyer Colour Astro
  8. Thanks for the input. I am going to go with the Phil Dyer cam and will definitely keep your suggestions in mind especially the flip mirror with the added bits Paul mentions this looks like a good setup to get both video and visual. Thanks again Peter
  9. Thanks all some things for me to try there. I was also looking at the Phil Dyer Coulor Camera and was wondering if thit would be a good fit with my Celestron Nextstar 127 SLT?
  10. I have a modified webcam (cheap one) and I find it very hard (if not impossible) to get it in focus. I am focusing on the Moon but only getting very unclear images. I have a Celestron 127 STL. I am putting the cam in the diagonal where the eyepiece goes I assume this is correct.
  11. I have just received my dongle, I have gone down the none FUNcube Dongle and my chosen dongle arrived yesterday. I have managed to get it installed on the laptop but now work interferes with any further progress for a few days. But rest assured I will be ready to ask a heap of questions soon. So please all of you that are posting your efforts here continue to do so as I have found the assistance here excellent, and I thank you all for your efforts in passing on your knowledge and experience. Thanks
  12. Thanks I am going to get the magazine back copies, I take it there are articles in both months. This looks very interesting and I feel I have just scratched the surface.
  13. You could take a look here http://www.cases-and-enclosures.co.uk/ they sell cases and also the replacement foam of diferent sizes.
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