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To DDG or not DDG....


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DDG = Gimmick

The DDG part of the focuser is just a simple digital readout stuck into the top of the focuser. The focuser itself is no better than the original one. If it could be connected to a remote readout or even used as part of a digitally controlled focuser then it would have some merit. I would actually prefer the original WO72 over the DDG version.

I had a DDG focuser with my FLT98 but replaced it right away for something better.


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The latest DDG focuser is actually better than the original DDG focuser which had a tendency to slip. It won't give Moonlite or Feathertouch sleepless nights but I do consider the current version to be the best William Optics focuser to-date.

The Megrez-72 was never fitted with the first generation DDG focuser, it went straight from a regular Crayford to the latest DDG but I would probably still choose the original non DDG model if only because it is cheaper.

As for whether the thermometer or digital readout is desirable, that is surely personal preference. I rather like the thermometer on my car dashboard and have a thermometer key-fob so I guess I like that kinda thing :)


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Does the thermometer on the DDG do the same as my car and beep when the temperature drops?

BEEP. Too cold to observe. BEEP. Too cold to observe, BEEP. Too cold to observe. ;):D:D:D:D

Half way up a motor way I get this BEEP, BEEP, BEEP.

Start panicking wondering what has gone wrong and start looking round and listening to the engine.

Turns out the temperature has dropped to 4C. Do I really care? :):evil6::D:evil6:

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