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C/2006 M4 - Comet Swan

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Well i had a stonking night last night. Out from 20.30 too 01.30 the next morning.................5 hours straight.............Fantastic :blob: :blob2: :) :blob4: :) :) :) :occasion5: :occasion7:

I saw the comet, 2 superb meteors, visual deepsky, visual double stars, imaged this and imaged that.....awesome. On a major high at the moment.

First task of the night was to observe and image Comet Swan. Couldn't see a tail in the 10x50 binos but was there a hint in the ED100 with widefield 2" eyepiece????

Aimed for 3 images. One with the Canon 18-55 zoom at the 55 setting, one with the Carl Zeiss 135mm telephoto and one with the ED100 reduced to f5.8. The widefield shot didn't work as well as hoped. It just picked up the pollution something bad due to the fact Comet Swan was positioned in the worst part of my sky. The 135mm worked better, I think the Baader UHC-S helped a lot. And i'm very pleased with the ED100 image.

All were taken at 1600iso. The widefield images were a mixture of 2mins and 3 mins images. The telephoto image was made up of 6 x 2min subs. And finally the ED100 image was the combination of 8 x 100secs.

55mm Widefield

DELETED - my god it was pants. Ruddy works monitor, so blickin dark. Everything looks okay until I get home. No wonder no-one liked image 1.

135mm Telephoto


ED100 @ f5.8




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Having seen Pete's brilliant image and now having seen mine on a proper monitor I don't feel so good :) I think i may have to go for a re-edit over the weekend.

Hmm better go check those deepsky images because i bet they look carp :?

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