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Hello Everyone


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Hello Everyone,

I am Colin from Cambridge

I have been a member of the site for a while now and finally decided to say HI!

I have read some very useful articles on here to do with equipment and some insights into the world of astronomy.

I have always been a fan of the world in which we live in but always let down by what you could see in a telescope.

My daughter had been learning about the solar system at school and in my efforts to educate my seven year old on he finer points of astrophysics decided i would skip the theory and show her the real thing in action.

on some very good advice from a post on this site i brought a celestron firstscope (3") and was impressed with what such a cheap little telescope could do. So i decided to buy a bigger telescope and was advised by a shop to buy a skyliner 150p Dobsonian, i am very happy with it (after 2 weeks of clouds) i have now had nearly a week of clear skies and had the wife and daughter looking in amazement at the moon, Venus and Saturn.

I personally like the dobsonian, but i am starting to understand why so many people like goto systems, the wife and kids find the scope very cumbersome to track with so might be using that as an excuse to get a second one :)


I have also been getting very frustrated trying to find Mars, any tips?

I look forward to reading about your experiences and improving my knowledge of the sky

thanks everyone

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Hi Colin, :D

A big hello from me as well and glad to hear that you've got the family involved too, (...always handy to have help when packing the kit away :headbang:)

There's no reason why you can't get some tube rings for your existing dob tube and then put it on a Goto mount rather than buying a whole new setup, (unless this is part of your cunning plan .... Shhhhhhh your secret is safe with me! :):D)

Clear skies ahead :)


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Welcome Colin, there are lots of objects out there for a Dob even with the shorter nights. Mars is past its best now and is quite a lot fainter and too small to appreciate but no doubt you will learn all this with experience and advice and encouragement from this great forum.


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