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Beginners 'Must Have' Books

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For beginners or experienced alike, what would you say are the 'must have' books?

I've got the following on order from Amazon :-

Sky & Telescope's Pocket Sky Atlas

The Backyard Astronomers Guide

Turn Left At Orion

I got my list from the fact that these titles constantly crop up when reading on here.

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Yup. Good choice's there.

I also have,

Burnhams celestial handbook (in three volumes)

The Night Sky Observers guide (2 volumes) Massive and excellent resource. Link: Astro Cards

(not sure of UK availability. I got mine from the USA)

Whilst at the scope, I like to use(along with the pocket sky atlas),

Skyspot finder charts Link: Sky Spot - The Preferred Finder Charts (you don't need a telrad finder to use them)(I think they are available in the UK from Altair Astro? Perhaps elsewhere also?)



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'Nightwatch' by Terence Dickinson is an excellent book, lots of good info on equipment, observing , deep space and solar system, plus very good star charts. Good for both beginner and more advanced alike.

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It's not a book, but a planisphere is a helpful tool for learning the constellations, and thereby navigating around.

A must. Agreed.


Sky & Telescope's Field Map of the Moon: Amazon.co.uk: Gary Seronik, Antonin Rukl: Books


Sky & Telescope's Mirror-Image Field Map of the Moon: Amazon.co.uk: Gary Seronik, Antonin Rukl: Books

Makes the night when that pesky moon is up, a bit easier to take, when you know what you're looking at !!



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Yup, all good books but do you have them in pdf?

I can't find them anywhere...


A Walk through the Heavens: A Guide to Stars and Constellations and their Legends

Stephen James O'Meara's Observing the Night Sky with Binoculars: A Simple Guide to the Heavens

Peterson First Guide to Astronomy

Summer Stargazing: A Practical Guide for Recreational Astronomers

The Backyard Astronomer's Guide

I would buy them but they are not sold in my country...


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Got that one, just waiting for the latest version to become bug free though. And at this very moment I'm waiting for the delivery man, my order tracking says that my amazon Sky & Telescope's Pocket Sky Atlas and The Backyard Astronomers Guide are out on the van somewhere, probably in outer mongolia though.

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