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  1. This year has had a major effect on my hobby. Mg gear has had so little use that I decided I can't justify having it lying around unused, so nearly all my Televue ep's have been sold and I'm getting rid of the Dob and the frac replacing with two pairs on binos and a tripod. Extreme grab n go and not massively expensive when not in use plus the 10x50's can be used on family walks.
  2. Not the FLO one but I have used one of a similar length with my old Heritage 130p and it fitted and worked just fine.
  3. The XW's are very nice ep's I have the 5mm and when conditions allow for x240 it provides excellent views.
  4. Have a look at the sun web site and read the article and the comments beneath some are really funny.
  5. Initially I found my Nagler 12T4 a bit tricky to use you have to get your eye placement just right otherwise you get blackouts. The 12T4 comes with a ring to aid with initial pupil placement did you get something similar with the 17T4? If you find you can't get on with the ep I can certainly recommend the 19mm Panoptic as a possible replacement it is a real beauty to use.
  6. There was a family who used a gas BBQ in their tent down on the Llyn Peninsula last summer I think the mother of the family died. Gas appliances should never be used in a tent.
  7. William Optics FLT 98 carbon fibre & tube rings and WO RD £1200 ono If that's for sale the Televue 2" Everbrite diagonal has to go £180 no offers And the Vixen Porta II mount as new condition £190 no offers Televue Panoptic 19mm £140 no offers I have other stuff too.
  8. Televue products are included it says so on the email but not on the website. Bear in mind the 10% is taken of the price before the VAT is added so it's more like 8% off.
  9. My brother has really come up trumps with my birthday presant he got me the Sir Patrick Moore Year Book of Astronomy 2012 and to top it off it's signed by the great man himself, I'm well happy.
  10. Personally I'd leave it. I would have thought it will have no impact on the views the telescope produces.
  11. I normally observe Jupiter at x150 or x200 so if you've been able to use x300 on it then you've seen it a fair bit bigger than I have. There is plenty of detail there you have to get your eye in which takes a bit of practice plus time at the eye piece. With your tracking scope this should be a pleasure to do. Have you got a seat? Sitting down to observe makes it easier to concentrate and this can make the target appear a little bit bigger.
  12. My garden is on a slope, I set a 2'x2' paving slab in the ground for my Dob to stand on it's not perfectly level and the scope works fine when stood on it. Scope is a 10" manual Dob. You could do this for any scope just pic a suitable location and use the one spot every time you go out.
  13. I use a cheap dehumidifier in my shed runs for an hour a day and works a treat. After an observing session I put my 10" Dob back in the shed and next morning its always dry I then cover the ends with shower caps. It's lived in there for over two years now and is in great condition.
  14. One night I heard a rabbit screaming probably in the clutches of a fox, it sounded just like a baby it was awful.
  15. Where did you get such a long range forecast?
  16. The best way to get in touch with FLO is with the help desk First Light Optics : Login
  17. Have a read of this BinocularSky - Choosing a First Binocular for Astronomy a lot of good info there.
  18. If the skies are that steady the only thing to do is give it a go. I rarely use my 5mm ep but on the odd occasions I do the planets reveal some excellent detail.
  19. No idea but First Light Optics offer excellent service and the scope is the same price with them.
  20. I second a chair they make a massive difference to observing.
  21. If it's for observational use you don't need an Apochromatic refractor, don't know what the person meant about Cassegrains (SCT) unless they were referring to dew. The front lens on an SCT needs a dew shield and maybe a small heater strip that stops dew forming on it. You certainly don't need to spend £1500 the Skywatcher Heritage mentioned by Starhoparfa is a very good scope for £135 compact too hardly takes up any room but it is a bit small and can be awkward to use if you don't have something solid like a picnic table to put it on. If your tight on storage space a Skywatcher Skyliner 150 Dob (£197) really doesn't take up that much room just stand it in the corner of a room and there you go, much easier than having to find room for a tripod, apo telescope and tube rings.
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