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Bubble Nebula - NGC7635


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Hi All,

As most of you know, this is my favourite target :) I decided to spend a little more time on it this year, and see how deep it went. I started with Ha, and captured 4 hours and 20 minutes first. Then I wanted to see how the colour would look when I added in OIII and Hb into the mix, so last night I did 6 x 10 minute OIII and 8 x 10 minute Hb images.

When I stacked it all up, I was pretty pleased with the result, so I won't be adding a similar amount of OIII and Hb data to the image (this year!)

Anyway, enough babbling, here it is:


Full image details and a high-rez version here: South Common Observatory

Thanks for looking!



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Great result Richie. :)

I assume you used h beta for blue, which gives a really lovely colour to this region.

Why H beta Paul....all the advantages of narrowband imaging with natural coloured end results. I used the same combination on my bubble from last year for that reason.



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Thanks all....

Nick - Ha = Red, OIII = Green, Hb = Blue

Paul - see Rob's reply - it works :) I also purchased an Hb filter as opposed to an SII filter. I do plan to get an SII filter, but at the price of them, I have brought each NB filter separately.

Rikyuu - sure - its attached - that is just combined and DDP'd - no stretching, etc applied. I stretched it a little to get the yellow coming through in the Bubble :)




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