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Went to do some comet hunting tonight, only to discover my camera has decided to play dead!! :D :D

So, back to Andy Ellis it goes to see what's wrong this time. Last time it was a little short circuit and no damage.

How frustrating is this imaging lark????

Oh, and to cap it, the "£$%^&* clouds rolled in as well.

:D:lol: :lol:

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You have a cloud-proof camera? :D

I'm sending my Newt to Andy Ellis for the conversion.... :D

I'll rent it out, if you like! Reasonable rates, guv!! :D

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Just a thought, why don't you get a Toucam and leave it unmoddified as a spare? At least then if your main one breaks you can still get some images on the few clear nights we have.


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Actually my daughter has one - correction, my daughter had one and I need to get her a replacement!!!! :D

I really do feel for your daughter after seeing the look of joy when she got her video cam back which you borrowed for SGL starparty

now her web cams gone :nono: :D

Shame about your cam hope you get it sorted soon. I got big problems with my mount at the moment, seems some of the screw holes

have lost there theid, Im going to have to drill and tap at least three. :tearyeyed:


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Good News!!!!

The cam is back and fit and functional again.

Turns out a tiny drop of moisture had got under one of the chip contacts and corroded.

Andy has fixed and I have it on my desk, just pleading to be used!!!!!

He really is a top bloke :D

Incidentaly, Andy (Astronomiser) now does his own range of cameras - see www.astronomiser.co.uk for details

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