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  1. There is two screw holes on either side of the focuser. If you remove the screw you can use it to fit a finderscope bracket. If you have a look at SkySurfer s pictures you can see the screw.
  2. Its only when you take things apart where you notice some of the bad workmanship, I had a SW ST80 before which was a great scope but sold it on, regretfully. The new SW ST80 I bought was not as good I could not get the finder aligned to the main scope. and the images where not as good neither, Although I put some of that down the the local Cancel putting up white street lights Also image shifting while focusing was bad too. Hence the reason to put a new focuser on this scope. On changing the focuser I noticed the SW focuers mounting screw holes where not drill in quite in the right pla
  3. Anyone used one of these mounts, Load capacity is a bit better then a SW EQ5 at 13KG instead of the SW EQ5s 9KG and reasonably priced Looking for a mount for my ED100
  4. I finally went with the GSO single speed focuser. and I have ordered some flocking, Might as well get the best I can out of the little ST.
  5. In short No, Better optics give better contrast. Some of the best veiws I have had where though a Skywatcher ED80
  6. Just wanted to say a big thank you ( not ) to the St Neots Town Council for put up new street lights in the area. The new lights stand about 10 ft taller then the old ones and produce the dreaded white light. Ok there is a few less of them but this has made it harder to see in the streets. But worst of all for me is I have no dark spot in my garden anymore plus also light polution is now much worse.
  7. I was looking at the GSO The pricing is reasonable even with shipping to the UK
  8. I have an old ED100 which I replaced the focuser on to good result. As its only going to be used as a visual scope im not worried about putting too much weight on it. Im more concerned about image shift and all the problems that brings
  9. To be honest I wanted a good grab and go setup for deep sky. I had a ST80 in the past and know how good a little scope it is also it is very light and im hoping not to have to use a bigger mount then the EQ1. I do not have any 2" eye peices so even with an upgraded focuser I think I should still be OK with the EQ1. Idealy I would like an ED80 but that would need a bigger mount.
  10. I was wondering if anyone has tryed to upgrade the focuser on the ST80 to an upmarket crayford and how much of a diffrence it made.
  11. If your thinking of selling the EQ3 at any point give me a shout I might be interested
  12. 16" refractor in Cambridge pointing at jupitor. Not too impressed as I had had a better veiw though my ED80 on a freak good night.
  13. I know the mount head is not going to be great its only needs to carry the ST80 Wondering though if the legs could be replaced with a decent camera tripod
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