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A Case For Buying A Bigger Telescope

Carbon Brush

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Visiting the optician today, I was told that from age 20 to age 60 we need 3x the light intensity at night see things.

Taking light gather calculations this equates to an argument for buying almost double the objective/main mirror size as you age.

So when next in discussion with the financal adviser about a new purchase you can say 'The optician advised it'😁

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Hmmm, I have an eye exam coming up :) 

Seriously though, my size limit is more based on my muscles than my eyes since I have to setup every time I want to do an observing session. I decided a while ago that an 8” cat or Newt is going to be my limit based on what I am willing to carry and the capacity of a reasonably portable mount since anything bigger will require more time at the gym lol.

I have messed around with the thought of a 10” Dobsonian though. Since my largest scope currently is 6” that leaves some growth options 😎


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10 and 12 inch dobs are easy to handle.  Add handles to the bases and lifting the base is easy.  The OTAs arent really heavy, they are a bit awkward.  You can buy straps that you can wrap around them and lift them.  I can easily pick my 10 inch up off its cart and put it on its leveling board in my observation area.  When the time comes i cant do that i will just have to remove the OTA and move base and it separately. 

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