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Walking on the Moon

Hello! From Gloucestershire


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Evening All !

Skipped this section 5 months ago, so thought I'd come back and say Hi to all!

Currently a year into my astro journey, started slowly with my DSLR and lenses and no tracking...slowly progressing upwards with the equipment...and the editing and learning the software to do so. 73 images to date, and have learnt a lot so far and enjoying it, and I wonder how much more I will know this time next year!

First successful image was NGC 7000 last December with a 200 f/2.8, August was IC 1848 with the Evostar 72ED, and I have recently got back from an overdue honeymoon to Australia, and of course just had to capture some Milky Way shots whilst there! Couldn't believe how much I picked up with a Full Moon in the sky, stock camera and no tracker....and luckily a wife sleeping after a very long day! 🤣 Hopefully shows my progress to date, always open to comment/criticism on my images. Noise and tilt seem to be my biggest enemies.....well, other than the dreadful UK weather....


Look forward to joining in more and gaining/imparting knowledge! 


NGC 7000 - Canon 77D + EF 200mm F/2.8L II, f/2.8, ISO 800, 200x 20s light frames, stacked in DSS, edited in GIMP and Starnet++


IC 1848 - Canon 800Da + Evostar 72ED @ 420mm, f/5.8, ISO 1600, , 257x 90s light frames, 61 darks, 52 bias, 71 flats. Stacked in Siril, edited in Siril, Starnet V2 and GIMP.


Milky Way over Uluru - Canon 77D + EF-S 10-18mm @ 10mm, f/4.5, ISO 1600, 40x 20s light frames, 8darks, stacked in Sequator, edited in Siril and GIMP.


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Thanks all 😀

4 hours ago, wookie1965 said:

A warm welcome to SGL.

Those pictures are brilliant I especially like the last one.

Thank you 🙂 I suppose I'm my worst critic, especially on the noise front. I have a few from that location in Uluru, but this was my favourite. I still can't believe it was the night of a 100% full Moon, so this result was totally against any expectation!


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21 hours ago, Xsubmariner said:

Great start Chris, what mount are you running with? Next an observatory 😈


Thanks Martin!

I'm on a Star adventurer 2i....observatory? Yeah, I wish 🤣 Plan to upgrade sometime next year, either to the GTI or maybe the EQM-35. Of course, needs agreement from the boss (and shes from South Wales!!).

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