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Help an enthusiastic beginner to decide between these DSLRs

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18 hours ago, Barna20 said:

Good point on the lens topic. I'll try to buy a camera with two lens a 18-55mm kit lens and a 75-300mm, I don't have any plans to buy telephoto lens with larger zoom any time soon. I've got my eyes on the RedCat 51 APO and some other SkyWatcher APOs and refractors, but I don't really decided on this topic yet, I would pick one only after I bought the Star Adventurer GTi anyways. I think a telescope like those would be a good fit for a DSLR, but for a ZWO, they certainly would be.

I started with the 77D and a WO Z61II, which is only slightly larger than the RedCat. I didn't find it particularly difficult, even though I jumped straight from the standard 18-55mm lens on a tripod to a Star Adventurer and telescope. If you are planning to do deep sky, I'd say a small apochromatic refractor would be a better choice than a good telephoto lens, for a similar price.

As for the camera, there are very good suggestions in this thread. Whether you go the DSRL or the astro camera path depends on whether you can use a laptop or not. I do not have a garden, so I decided that I was not ready to set up a station in the middle of the fields at night, and that my rig would be as portable as possible. Therefore, an AA battery-powered Star Adventurer and a DSRL were the reasonable choice. I know that a dedicated astro camera would give me better images, but under my present situation, I'm happy with my current setup. If you will be imaging from home, maybe you should heed what others say about skipping the DSRL step!

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An Asiair sorts out setting up away from a house/building. It's also very easy to use. You can use DSLRs with it too but support is limited, a good cable also helps as some are finicky.

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