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  1. Looking at Celestron - Ocular con Zoom de 1,25" (28-24 mm) on Amazon. Would the "zoom" make it better than the omegon I have? Saturn is about mid-point between the horizon and straight up (not very technical; hope you know what I mean)
  2. It really seems like the problem is solved. Thank you so much to all of you. Just oen last question, which is the best eyepiece for looking at planets, ffor example, the rings of Saturn? Will the 5mm Omegon eyepiece do it?
  3. okay. Got focus on the 25mm eyepiece. Can't get anything on the 5mm (still daylight here). Focusing the 25mm on a building less than half a kilometer away. Could the short distance have anything to do with the non-focusing of the 5mm? What mm would be best for looking at the planets?
  4. Easy for me to say now, but I did wonder if there should be only the one. Thank you. Will go and try it and report back.
  5. Thank you to everyone who replied. one of you wanted a photo of the focuser setup. Hope this is what you wanted, and it will help. The eypiece is 32mm. Got the finder scope lined up with no problems (well, not many!). tried the collimation. could only get it "almost right" because the screws reached their limit. A;lso tried a 5mm eyepiece. Same situation. Some of the technical words you guys used I don't know, but think I understood. Just tried again. Still no focus
  6. Not sure I am in the right place. Completely new to this. I have bought a Omni XLT 150 Newtonian telescope. I have followed the instructions on how to set it up (5 times!) and can't get it to focus. I've lined up (I think) the finder scope, point the telescope at the moon, and can't get anything more than a blur. Clearly doing something wrong. Anyone know how I can get this to actually work? Thank you, in advance. Pete Elverhoi
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