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  1. Ive tried the link, its not working, anyone know where it is with a new link?
  2. Hi Geoff I just realised aswell the secondary mirror housing turns freely on the plate, the numbers on the corrector plate are nowhere near the 3 oclock position like ive read, also this seems to be glued together not screwed together so as to trap the glass. And.... i did a star test last night and collimation is out alot but the collimation screws are tight down and im not able to pull in the concentric circles anymore. How or where can i start to get this all sorted. I found mars last night but was just a fireball on the one side. And pleides all stars were badly hazed and stretched t
  3. Hi guys Help please. Last night I purchased an old celestron c8 sct, 2000mm fl, f10 on a fork mount. The mount has no power cable so is pretty useless, but i brought it to defork the ota for planetary imaging and hopefully some small faint dso's. It was a reasonable price. Ive got a heq5 pro mount that i will be mounting it onto. The guy said it needs collimation. I know i need to mount it on a vixen dovetail but the bolt holes dont line up anywhere. Its as if someone has rotated the corrector plate housing around 120 degrees. Would it make a huge difference if i removed the housing screw
  4. I started last night to fella.. heq5..skywatcher 72ed. I got as far as inputting my long and lat... didnt align but literally did a guide tour to check it works.. only picked it up yesterday. Im finding this all really fascinating and fun to learn
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