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Alignment problems with AZ-GTi mount

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Hi Guys,

So I am losing my mind with this Mount. I am having the same issues. For the life of me I can’t work it out. Here is a pic of how my scope is mounted.  Would really appreciate some help as I am increasingly frustrated with this purchase.  Thank you. 


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Hi Peter 

What are the alignment issues your having with the az gti? Are you using the synscan app to align and are you doing North level alignment and on how many stars? Also how are you powering the mount? Another thing what firmware are you running it on, at a guess t's a right arm one and is it balanced correctly, sorry for all the questions. 




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As elp and I have said more information is needed as to the exact issues you are experiencing. If you are still running the default alt az firmware on the az gti and it's straight out the box then you've mounted your scope the wrong way round in your picture, so your rdf and focus tube will be on the bottom and pretty unusable. You'd need to update the firmware to the right arm dual az/eq mode 3.36 here. 


Also you'd need to download the relevant motor controller software loader on the same page, either the WiFi version or pc direct cable version. 

Like elp says by default it's left hand mounted alt az. 

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In case OP ever comes back, a couple of points:

  • You have an AZ-GTe not a GTi, this shouldn't matter when you're aligning using the Synscan app but your mount will lose alignment if you move it manually thereafter
  • What are you using for power? I can see you have a cigarette lighter lead plugged in there, what is the voltage/max current of your supply? This mount needs a good 12v supply to work reliably, despite the manual claiming it'll work down to 7.5v
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