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Berlebach Observing Chairs

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Hi there,

I am keen on getting a proper observing chair (the old ironing board chair is beyond repair) and after having a Uni 28 tripod for the last year I am happy to purchase a Berlebach chair. As usual though, Berlebach spoils us with choices. Generally with Berlebach, you get what you pay for but I am not sure what the advantages are with their offerings:


The Charon model has 12 settings from 10 to 93 cm while the Hydra / NIX are fully adjustable from 25 to 75 cm. Is it a case of more settings in a smaller more usable range?


While we all hope we have small butts, is the bigger seat size 25 by 21 versus 32 by 28 cm a consideration after a few hours observing?


I like to use the binos occasionally, do all the chairs provide good back support when at the lowest positions?


For reference I have a AZ100 on a Uni 28 tripod and use either a C9.25 or an Orion Optics SPX200 F4.5 scope.



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This is what i use : a 'Meychair' musicians stool. Quite a bit cheaper than the BB chair (or it was)

Its very sturdy goes up / down with a 250mm range and will tilt side to side.

FLO at one time used to stock them, but no more. But its still possible to buy direct from Deutschland.




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For awhile I used the classic observing chair (beautifully made out of oak) similar to the wooden one as shown earlier in the thread and also used a metal one. Both Ok but sold them in favour of a three legged stool with circular seat that could be adjusted in height as it was on a circular screw thread. Very comfortable, easily adjustable by spinning the seat and I use it all the time. Years old and it will see me out. See picture below, taken off the internet but very similar to my stall.

See the source image


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Yes, I recently got one of those for £10 via Gumtree. As has been pointed out to me on here already it’s originally an Ikea product which is sadly no longer made. Although being  Ikea there must be quite a lot hanging about in people homes. Worth looking secondhand.



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