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  1. Hi Ruud, I get so annoyed with myself at making craters round especially when they are near the edge of the moon. My Gassendi sketch shows that classic mistake as you rightly indicate. I like both sketches but they are wildly different. The earlier one has atmosphere but your latest has the detail. I too get bogged down with detail. I love artwork that is like a photo and I am less keen on impressionist work but enjoy both. Last night I finished a sketch of Theophilus etc and went for impression - came out rather well. I have called it a "study in shadows". May be I will post it. Currently working on Schiller/Zucchius area - nightmare to record details/perspective so close to the lunar edge. My quality 180 Mak is superb. I use to own an OMC 200 - truly apo like and with 8" of aperture - wonderful views of lunar, planetary detail. Mike
  2. Just found the sketch I did on the cracking night I mentioned. Mike
  3. I like that Achim. No way could I do that at the eyepiece. It has set me thinking how I could try this at the eyepiece. Many thanks for posting. Mike
  4. Hi Ruud, beautifully drawn and as you say, with patience fine details can be teased out in average conditions. I still remember investigating this crater on a cracking night at x400 - amazing detail. Mike
  5. Thanks everyone for your kind comments. Mike
  6. Well expressed Achim. Totally agree. Mike
  7. Hi Alan, Fascinating and well written to capture the thrill/adventure/awe of your observations. Inspired and as usual totally envious of what can be achieved using NV. Mike
  8. Clavius is always irresistible to draw. Don't forget to spend time staring intently and count up how many craters you can see within it. Thanks for posting. Mike
  9. Hi folks, For about two years I have pondered doing a full moon sketch using dots/squiggles. With this poor run of weather I have spent the time giving it a go using a photograph. It has been absorbing to try it. I cannot say that I am totally pleased with the result. I am in awe of the true artists who use this technique but fun to try it. It has made me really look hard at the moon and appreciate the subtle colour changes (greys) all over the surface. The well known craters are reasonably accurate. For the polar regions I have tried to give an impression of the complex pattern of craters and hills. The main Mares are about right. How to depict the mountain chains - I have no idea. Any suggestions are most welcome. Three ink pens used - 0.1, 0.2 and 0.3. Mike
  10. Very good observations and presented professionally. Totally envious of your achievements and inpsired. Thanks for posting. Mike
  11. Hi Bill, Just enjoyed a read and a detailed look at your observations. I had forgotten all about the flat/thin galaxies - another challenging list to enjoy. There is always something special about seeing edge on galaxies. Thanks for posting. Mike
  12. Mike JW

    Arp 227 sketch

    Thanks Mark, appreciated.
  13. Mike JW

    Arp 227 sketch

    Just for a change I fancied doing a galaxy sketch from my exploits with EAA. I like to try out different techniques and objects. This sketch is a mix of white gel pen, white pastel and white crayon and blended with a blending stump. This is a fascinating pair of galaxies. NGC 474 at the top and is a shell galaxy (not that I captured the shells using the EAA technique). Well worth a read about how "shell galaxies " form. Its partner is a spiral with rather thick uneven arms. I was pleased to get a hint or two of the dark dust lane and a hint of a star forming region (right hand side of the galaxy). Doing the sketch has made me look carefully at the screen shot that I did using EAA.
  14. Mike JW

    Dumbbell Nebula

    Not only is your sketch accurate but you have captured the "softness" of the view as seen at the eyepiece. Mike
  15. Fascinating to read about your achievements with your set up. Thanks for posting. Mike
  16. Thanks David for your thoughts and encouragement. I tried installing Jocular but failed owing to my lack of understanding computers and how software works. Plate solving - such poor download speed I cannot download it the software. Mike
  17. Hi David, I have just enjoyed reading your post. I will need to read it several times to pick up all your thoughts, experience. It is amazing what you are achieving from such a light polluted site. Your shot of NGC 7345 is impressive. This is more than I would see using my 20" Dob under mag 5.6/5.7 skies on a good night. Re Sharp Cap, When I have tried it I have found it way too complicated to achieve anything of worth. I much prefer Starlight Live - so simple, but it limits my choice of camera. Thanks for posting. Mike
  18. Pointed the set up again at Uranus last night. i think the moon labels are correct. Mike
  19. So busy looking at Arp 157 didn't think to check out what else I might have captured. You are right UGC 957 is just lurking in the shot - thanks Elpajare for pointing it out. All the best, Mike
  20. Great to have another Arp shot come onto the forum. I tried for this a few weeks ago with the C11/ultrastar. See below. I only just got the tidal stream going N (up). 37 x 5sec subs. Great to see a colour version of it. Mike
  21. Geoff (Cosmic) has inspired me to point the C11/ultrastar at Uranus The moon to the left of Uranus is Ariel. The bottom three moons left to right - Oberon, Umbriel ,Titania. Miranda at mag 16 would have been lost in the glare. Mike 0.5 second shot 1 second shot 6 x1 second stack
  22. Marvin, that is kind of you expressing your appreciation. Mike
  23. Well done. You are inspiring me to give this a go with my set up. Mike
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