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Stellarium moving mount target when mount is not moving

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Hi All

Has anyone had Stellarium move the mount reticle between the point the mount is actually pointing at to 0h00m00s - 0deg 0' 0" then after a random period of time move it back and forth and back and forth...?

I'm using a Sky-Watcher EQ6-R PRO directly connected to Windows 10 using a standard USB B cable. Then I have SynScan App Pro running connected to the mount on COM8. This works great and I can control all aspects of the mount without need for the handset. Then I've also got the ASCOM Telescope driver for SynScan App v1.3.0.0 installed. I can use the ASCOM Device Hub to connect to the ASCOM.SynScanMobile.Telescope driver and also control the mount from that.

When I then move over to Stellarium, it connects to the same ASCOM driver but then exhibits this strange movement behaviour and it does it whether the mount is tracking or not.

I'm using the latest Stellarium v0.21.1, ASCOM Platform 6.5 SP1 and the driver as specified above. Windows 10 is 100% up to date.

I've attached a short video clip of Stellarium. Initially I'm pointing at Polaris and it moves the reticule to 0/0 then back again. Then I slew and the reticule catches up to where I've moved the mount to but then again flicks back to 0/0.

I'm am new to this mount and setup so it's possible I've not set the mount up correctly. Note that I've only had it a couple of days and it's not yet made it outside so the "pointing at" part is "virtual" having set the mount to the home position only. It seems to be saying the correct RA/DEC in the SynScan App though from what I can tell.

Any ideas would be most welcomed.



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Seems I've answered my own question by firing up EQMOD and seeing what happens with that.

The reticle is rock solid so has to be down to either the Sky-Watcher ASCOM driver or the SynScan App 😑 

A shame but at least I have a working solution when the rain eventually stops!

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