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Any recommended 12x60's for £100?

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Looking to get a set of 12x60's but due to a severe lack of work over the last year I am in a restricted budget of about £100.

They will mainly be getting used for terrestrial viewing on the boat more then for astronomy.

Any advice? 


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5 hours ago, popeye85 said:

What makes you say that?

The size/weight of the binocular will be hard to hold steady on a moving/ rocking boat. Also the magnification will exaggerate any motion. 10x50 is really the maximum for hand held on a boat.

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We can hold X20 binoculars quite steadily if we mount them on a triangular frame with handgrips on the bottom.

I made a frame from aluminium tubing and it works well with the 25X70 bins.

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