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  1. Quite a few military eyepieces are/where of the symmetrical type. I had a big brass one that gave superb views of the Double Cluster with the 8-inch Newtonian. The eyepiece was purchased from H. W. English the war-surplus supplier. They were an Alladin's cave of surplus optical and other gear.
  2. what I like about the zoom eyepiece is it's an ideal grab-and-go eyepiece, before the cloud rolls in!
  3. I wear specs. I solved the problem of getting eye relief with shorter focus eyepieces by sawing and filing down a pair of spare specs lenses, then, I fitted them into the eyepiece sockets with blue tack. It works well.
  4. Make a longer dew shield to slide over the existing one. It should be two-and-a-half to three times longer than the original.
  5. As I understand it, a piece of KG3 or KG5 is suitable for an ITF. Unfortunately I've forgotten the name of the UK supplier, as I need an extra one. Can anyone assist with this. The first one I bought for the LUNT LS50F cost about £5.
  6. It's been my experience that, whichever binoculars I handhold, they all register the heartbeat. It's impossible to get a steady image with handheld bins. My solution has been to construct a binocular mirror-mount. It's incredibly comfortable and shake-free, if we don't mind an inverted image. First surface mirrors are available at www.scientificmirrors.co.uk .
  7. Alas, I have double vision due to a muscle having relaxed in the right eye. This makes specs mandatory for myself.
  8. I simply removed the eyecups from my 8X40's, 10X50's and 12X50's binoculars to allow me to get more-or-less the full field of view. With my higher-power binoculars of X15, X20 and X25 , I cut and filed down spare spectacle lenses and inserted them into the eyecups. It works like a charm.
  9. Correction. the top magnification of the Helios "Voyager" monocular is 25X. This allows us to get close up to wildlife ( butterflies look superb ) without disturbing it.
  10. I have the 42mm Voyager 10-20X zoom monocular. I can greatly recommend it.
  11. I once tried a pair of 10X50 TENTO's and they were rubbish optically. Conversely, I had a pair of 20X60 TENTO's and they were good. Wish I'd kept them.
  12. Note that the makers only say "aperture", not "clear aperture". That's why they can get away with it.
  13. Ooops! Try again: www.edmundscientific.co.uk .
  14. Try www.edmundscientificoptics.co.uk . They have a huge supply of lenses, so you might get a suitable replacement.
  15. Regarding mounting your 'scope on a water butt. A plastic one wouldn't be suitable, as it won't dampen vibration. It's best to use a wooden barrel or some other substantial object.
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