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  1. Note that the makers only say "aperture", not "clear aperture". That's why they can get away with it.
  2. Ooops! Try again: www.edmundscientific.co.uk .
  3. Try www.edmundscientificoptics.co.uk . They have a huge supply of lenses, so you might get a suitable replacement.
  4. Regarding mounting your 'scope on a water butt. A plastic one wouldn't be suitable, as it won't dampen vibration. It's best to use a wooden barrel or some other substantial object.
  5. Hi Mark. I'd recommend looking at this website: www.scientificmirrors.co.uk .
  6. Add a foot long extension to the top of the main tube from, say, lightweight camping mat.This will keep stray light from entering the main tube. Manufacturers persist in making their main tubes too short at the top, probably to make them look more portable.
  7. I use the cheap 'n' cheerful AZ3 for small 'scopes. It's ultra light, but rigid. I added a counterweight like this one, but with a length of 12mm threaded bar for the arm: www.spacegazer.com/index.asp?pageid=97490 .
  8. A polaroid filter doesn't block the IR. A ND3 should be used with a wedge.
  9. I find that the best way to check is to be in a dark place and shine a torch at the back of the filter.
  10. I have a problem with the Caldwell "Catalogue". It's surely a blatant case of pliagerism .
  11. I had a pair of 20X60 TENTO binoculars. They were very good, but the leather case stank like a barrel of rotting kippers.
  12. It can help if we paint the knobs white, the better that we can see them in the dark.
  13. You might get some useful tips here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8TObET2F-EA .
  14. Telescopic meteors come towards us in the field-of-view. It might have been one, depending on the direction of travel.
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