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Luna Cognita - Has It Disapointed?

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Just now, mikeDnight said:

 I seem to fall asleep within minutes of starting to read any book. 😴

You and me both Mike.
Nodded off at Astro club last night, snored and woke myself up, 
thank goodness it was on Teams and the mike was muted!

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Perhaps the mods should move this thread to the Sales section?  😁😁😁

Looks like I might be able pick up an as new copy at a good price soon.😊 Regards Andrew    PS @johninderby seriously I would be interested in an excellent condition copy..

The fourth volume?  😁😁😁

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3 hours ago, Alan White said:

Calling @paulastro, Calling @paulastro, golden opportunity awaits for comment 😂

Sorry could not resist Mike 😘

Sorry to disappoint you Alan, but I'm truly lost for words.  Anyway, I've known Mike for years, and I've always known he is far more intelligent than he actually looks. 😁.

Regarding the books themselves.  I love them, and I dont have any trouble finding the information I want in them.  Mind you, in the light of other peoples comments, perhaps that says something about how my mind is organised 🥴.

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