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  1. No doubt, like me, you take a break every 7 days ? There was a brill SF novel about a world-builder apprentice to you-know-who, wish my memory was better, Asimov or Clark ?
  2. I have edited my earlier post to ask what it is you think you might want to see ! Your question is a little difficult to answer !!!
  3. What things might you go looking at on your 27"mac, that you may want to see in a 'scope ?
  4. Ooops sorry didnt mean to ignore you ! Didnt notice a new reply in the topic. Thanks, yes windows only. A portable version means all of its settings, working directory etc are contained in its own folder/directory structure, sometimes on USBstick, and thus portable between windows computers (as well as not making any registry entries, for the paranoid user but that is not why I want it !) Usually distributed as a zip not an installing exe I have two versions installed but they are talking to each other, ie they are sharing the same config settings (I've not yet found where they
  5. very strange indeed, working ok for me as well A bit of a long shot but worth a try is to force your browser to update the page from the source server (APT original) and thus by-pass any proxy servers(copies) in the path, like maybe at your ISP. I think it is ctrl-f5 (function key 5) in Firefox. You should see the refresh page symbol do its wiggle. If it isnt that combo, try shift-f5. Has worked for me in the past. EDIT just done a google and "Ctrl, Shift and the 'R' key" is another method on Firefox.
  6. not at all easy ! I have had a look in with a hex editor, but nothing obvious yet. Yes, saw that documentation, but not yet started counting the bits/fields/headers. Dont even know if that still applies to recent versions, some of those pages are well out of date, the most recent I can find attributing the source of the cats is that 0, 1, and 2 are from Hipparcos and 3 is Tycho, but that was in ver 0.14.1 !! Dont know where recent documentation is to be found the stellarium main page still points to that old wiki But if it was from either of those it would/should have a name, and a
  7. This is very odd indeed, yes, I see it in my Stellarium and I m still on 0.18.0 so it has been in the cats for a long time! Cant be a very much observed bit of sky !lol! Not much help, but it is in the stars_2_0v0_7.cat (yours may not be _7 for a later install but it is the third of the base star cats.)
  8. Errr, not wishing to teach granny eggs etc., but just in case :- My intervalometer, (a cheap ebay type looking like a Neewer and many others of that ilk) appeared to only go upto 399, then it rolls over to --- and then back to 1. Then reading on 'tinternet "---" appears to be an "infinite number" setting not a "no op" setting. I have not yet tested it in the "---" setting beyond about 150, so ymmv ! Good luck.
  9. Ah, yes, no, sorry, I meant portable as in not needing an installation into windoze and thereby perhaps messing with old one already there*. To test in its own world of a folder(directory) of its own, even on a USBstick folder. *like my old 4.1.0 that I only just got going last night after having it around for a little while (well actually, just got round to thinking imaging after 65+ years of visual ! Dog and new tricks etc. ?)
  10. Thanks @JemC and @Seelive , all becomes clear since I have not yet dabbled in the black arts of calibration frames etc I'll stop worrying It would be nice to have a portable version though
  11. So are we saying that DSS will still accept other formats (Tiff,Fits DNG etc?) provided we are ok with converting first and not relying on the internal Libraw to do the heavy lifting? And that @Yellow dwarf and @Tan Zhi Qi can still go ahead with their choice of cam (600 or whatever) without fear ? Maybe this next should go into the software forum, but we are here ! :- Well this is a bit odd, DCRAW seems to be still there (but seems to have dropped his capitalisation now ) with all its usual guis (Rawtherpe, UFraw etc, and even a plugin for Gimp) so I wonder why DSS have chosen LibR
  12. Thanks I'll check it out. Not normally a fan of Adobe but hey, any port in a storm ! When I get a moment I'll have to look around at where Dave Coffin is, his DCRAW used to be the goto place for 'regular' raw photography processing and many processors.
  13. Oh sorry, I ve not been paying attention, or maybe waiting for a real expert to show up !! shows how long Im out of practice, I didnt notice the Xsections were different, which is another doubtful area Bumps less than 2 cm are best, and gradual not sharp. How much the mismatch between the Xsections causing relections/standing wave is another "length of string" Guess this one may be the prototype !?
  14. Something to do with LibRaw, I have not fully digested yet, thought I had best do a quick one here before life changing decisions were made !! I wonder if it might be ok if the RAWs were instead first converted to TIFF with something else ?? https://github.com/deepskystacker/DSS/releases/tag/4.2.5 EOS 1D Mark IV EOS 5D Mark II EOS 7D EOS 60D EOS 550D EOS 600D EOS 1200D EDIT : Looks like it happened somewhere about 4.2.4 or a Beta version of that. 4.2.3 is still available here https://github.com/deepskystacker/DSS/releases/tag/4.2.3-Release I have asked in t
  15. Update ! @Yellow dwarf @Tan Zhi Qi I have just found out that the latest version of Deep Sky Stacker has problems with 60D and 600D, (amongst others) so if that software was in your thinking beware !
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