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  1. I second James' request, I've just been out and now back, most of the sky is clear except for the you-know-what bit. and no Nocti for consolation
  2. Yes, exactly ! No good quoting decimals without authority is there ! Good luck.
  3. You mean according to an observation posted in cobs by an observer ?
  4. So I think it is 2.0 or dimmer ! Woaaaa it is getting dark, I spy a clear sky, time I jumped in my car for another peek I wonder if I will get lucky with some Nocti ?
  5. Who said that, when ? This is my mag estimate last night, 23:30ut. A 60sec trail (it is easier to judge brightness in trails than condensed spots) sky brightness does not affect the camera, but wisps of cloud might
  6. And me ! I had a good view of NEO 22:30UTC - 23:30UTC, thinking "shame no Nocti, but never mind" and no reports of Nocti here either (at that time) https://stargazerslounge.com/topic/353675-comet-c2020-f3-neowise/?do=findComment&comment=3904004 Should I go back out later and watch NEO circumpolar ? Perhaps not as this was my first trip out in 4+ months for 'pleasure' (only three other ventures-out for meds) Looked through some of my 'snaps', saw that I had recorded it for memory* and posterity and prepared for bed, , , , , , at the same time as @John said goodnight in a post with, would you believe it , some low down Nocti showing ! What a dilemma ! but I decided one drive, and one pleasure from the primary object, was enough excitement for one night and so toddled off to bed * and for you all, not the same as all the other fab pics being posted, but just for good measure this is all mine meown ! Capella (right) beta Auriga (middle) and can you see it just !? above the nasty black cloud that had previously threatened to ruin the whole enterprise.
  7. They told me there was a new comet in the nothern sky. They told me the sky was going to be clear this evening and night. So I jumped in the car an hour+ ago and headed out to my northern viewing site. Yep magnificent sky. only 4 clouds, a big one between Polaris and Capella, and two lesser ones below it near the horizon. One small one far round in the west. Wot comet ? ! Phhhha the're avin a larf. Scanned this way and that with the 10x50, , , nuffink. and then, yes you guessed , I glimpsed the end of a tail poking out from one of the lesser clouds. !!! Would you adam&eve it, a whole hemisphere to chose from and it had to obscure my comet ! Anyhows, to cut a long saga short, the cloud slowly got thinner and drifted away. What a magnificent comet ! What a beautiful tail. Happy bunny !
  8. or even just neo in the search box and it should be at the top of the list. which cat are you looking at ? edit: here you go should be :- MPC's list of observable comets
  9. Not many of those left hereabouts, and I am beginning to have doubts about the girls as well ! I think we should ask Admin to send Gary an email to say something like " Sorry. Forgive them for they know not what they do"
  10. I was wondering the same ! The moral of the saga must be "Beware joining an astro forum during lockdown when it is cloudy " and everyone is bored outa der tiny , , , Gary, if you are still reading :- Just log back in and say "Boo!"
  11. All was not quite so rosy back then, one fella observed canals on Mars with a very fine instrument, he was lionised and suddenly everyone who was anyone could see them. Then there was Halton Arp who could see anomalous galaxies and his reputation took a real hit. My first 6" mirror with flat cost me two months salary I couldn't grind my own, living in digs and bedsits.
  12. I'm watching it now on +1 he just went off to Paranal in the Atacama, not sure why edit oh after the addbreak we now see something about a home built obsy. I always knew Hawker-Siddeley jets, not Siddeleyhawkers ?
  13. and it is good to know that her (glass) bit of the universe didnt end in a big crunch !
  14. Set to the tune of Charles Coborn. (for the youngsters - "Two lovely black eyes" music hall )
  15. Yes ! That is why the Babylonians (or was it the Sumarians ?) chose 60 of them = many factors
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